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Full Meal deal. Butt, Fatty, and beans- oh my! QVIEW

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Long day folks. Started a 8.5# butt at midnight this morning,nap at 2AM and up at 5:20AM. Got some friends and coworkers coming over and this by far is my largest meal. Got the butt, my entry for the fatty throwdown, and some of Dutch's beans. Got a full smoker, and heres pretty much where I stand as of now.

Full moon: air is right for smoking

doing the minion method so I can sneak a nap:

wood a soakin:

Its a beautiful morning:

Midday TBS:

One happy family. Butt has yet to make it to 170 then it will be foiled to 200. Gonna be a close one.

more to come as it happens!
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Wow! Now I know what to do with my sleepless nights. Better get some butts in reserve for midnight smoking!
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Looking good Porky. can't wait to see the finished product.
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Looking good Porky.
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Waiting for the results. So far so good.
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looks great Rob-points.
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Part Ii

All is done and over. Butt took longer than I thought but some guests were later than expected, so it all worked out great.
Butt was in the cooler leaving the fatty and beans to finish up:


nothing fancy: but tasted good.

Thanks again for reading.
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Very nice. Making me hungry
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rob, that is one great lookin smoke!!!!! nice pics and looks like you had it goin last night!!!!
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great smoke!
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That was quite the good looking fatty....I need to try that. I have only smoked one so far and it really did not turn out that well. confused.gif
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Great lookin meal Porky. You got my stomach rumblin. Need to find something to eat. Can't put the ribs on til noon.
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Good looking grub.
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Thanks again folks. Twas alot of effort but it certainly paid off in spades, as very little was left over. I got enough pork for a couple sammiches, 1 piece o fatty and a heapin helpin of the beans. In all everyone enjoyed it and a few folks took a keen interest in the process and may even get into smokin as well. I also pointed them to this site, so they could see for themselves, the wealth of info here, and where all my pics from the day ended upbiggrin.gif

It was a success, both in timing and results. In all ended up with 12 adults and 8 kids. Only 1 no show.

Well its only my 2nd attempt, but like anything else just need to practice. My first was a perceived disaster but some perserverence got it to turn out ok. Give it another go and you'll see. Fat's is where its at
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Nice job, well done.PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Rob it all looks fantastic and it probably tasted even better nice job PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Sure does make one feel good when all turns out well. And that looks great. Good Job
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