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Redneck in BBQ Heaven

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Hi All,

We moved to Austin, TX from CT about a year ago. I instantly found myself in love with smoked meats. I went out and bought a Chargriller Smokin Pro with Side firebox from the local Academy for $150. I'm not telling you all, it needs some works. Smoke's escapes from just about every place I can see. I am going to Home Depot tonight to see if I can find some of that stove rope. I know trhey have the 3/4 angle so that should not be a problem. I already have the stove pipe exteded, made a baffle out of some sheet metal due to the hot spot right out of the firebox and drilled in a new thermometer closer to the cooking grate. My biggest problem is that the firebox ash chamber has a good sized gap so I would appreciate any suggestions on how I might seal this up. Difficult because it is at the top and crescent shaped. Anyway, I am enjoying all the great tips you have and will be chacking back frequently.

Big Chooch
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Welcome to the smf...............Glad to have you here............Lots of mods on here for your unit...........
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Welcome to SMF!

I have a cheap snp and even with all the smoke escaping from all over the meats still come out great.
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Welcome to the forum.
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welcome to smf, share some smokes!!!
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Welcome to the forums.
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it's ok for the crevices to leak some smoke. It helps prevent creosote.
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When I first got my chargriller I was determined to stop the leaks. Well that didnt happen. If you learn to master the fire, these leaks wont matter much. Master the fire.. smoke on!
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Big Chooch -- Welcome to the SMF... you have come to the right place.
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Welcome to the Smf.
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Welcome aboard!
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Welcome Cooch,
What he said! the tbs is very light anyway!
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Welcome to the SMF, you'll have plenty of good help with your smoker from our friendly members.
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roll call

PDT_Armataz_01_36.gif I've got a Char-Grill Silver Smoker. I used the red head gasket maker from WalMart's and laid a bead all around where both doors close on the firebox and smoke chamber. I put plastic wrap on the door first and sprayed the doors with PAM on top of the wrap. I then closed the doors and waited 24 hours. Not much of a leak; but looks "different, red gasket on black smoker? " I like the way it keeps the temperature steady. I put a thermometer just about grill level at each end of the smoke chamber door and I sealed the place where the factory thermometer would have been. I also use a remoter probe thermometer to varify the meat's internal temperature.
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Hi Cooch! Welcome to SMF! A question...are you having trouble with low temps/inconsistant temps? If not... let it leak. Probably the most worrisome issue is the firebox gap. They make a refractory cement that could be used for this. I dunno if the hi-temp silicone would stand up there tho...seems I read someone tried that? Can't recall, but there's a ton of posts on mod/fixes for those puppies! Again..welcome and ENJOY!
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Welcome to SMF. I have the same rig, and with a few mods, it cooks great. be sure to check out this thread for some great ideas
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