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Greetings From Chicago

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Greetings Everyone !

My name's Jimmie, from the beautiful yuppy infested gas grilling suburb of Chicago. LoL (did i mention i hate gas?)

I've been smokin for a while on a brinkman upright, but now i'm looking to get a little more serious here. Seems the more I fire up the smoker, the more neighbors wind up inviting themselves for dinner. (probably cuz it tastes better than their gas grilled food). Im always looking for recipes, advice, and general info to create a better experience. I look forward to the info this site has to offer, as well as hands on from the pro's here.

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Welcome to the forum, Jimmie.....you've come to the right place to learn and share anything related to smoking. If you haven't already, sign up for the Free 5-Day eCourse. Lots of good info to help you get the most out of your smoker.

As always everyone here is glad to help with any questions you have......oh, and don't forget to post some qview!

Welcome again!
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Welcome to the forum. You have come to the right place for sharing recipes, tips and tricks. Many great folks here with alot of smokin smarts.
May all you smokes be thin and blue.
Don't forget to post pics of your smokes. We like to drool.
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thanks for the welcome :)
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Welcome to the SMF, Jimmie! Funny intro.
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Welcome aboard, glad ta have ya! Don't be to hard on gas, if done right, it riveals bout anythin.
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Welcome Jimmie.
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Welcome aboard. Don't be afraid to ask or don't be afraid to share!
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Greetings Jimmie!
Next time tell the neighbors to bring some cold ones..could be brisket or brewpops, either goes good with smoke!
Happy smokes!!
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Hello Jimmie, and welcome to the SMF. Nothing like Q's and brews!
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Welcome aboard.
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Hia Jimmie...BeepBeep! Welcome to SMF- the perfect place to further your ability to baffle and bamboozle your neighbors with the gas affliction ;{)
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welcome to smf, cant wait to share some smokes!!!
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Hey Jimmie:

Welcome to the SMF from Northern Indiana!
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Welcome to the forum,I hope you are a Cubs fan and not a White Sox fan.
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Welcome to SMF Limmie, Happy to have you hear.
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I hate to ruin a good party, but....LOL

Im a southside fan ;)
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Welcome Jimmie from the west side of the state.

Go Sox!!! It will probably be 101 years!!! LOL

You will love this place!
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Welcome to the forum Jimmie, glad to have you here.
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hey jimmie i'm from south side also but cubs rule they just had bad luck last 200 years lol enjoy i learned alot here
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