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Craigslist is awesome! Look what I got for $50!

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The guy I bought it from was super cool! He let it go for $50! It's a Char-griller Super Pro. He also gave me a large coleman cooler, 3 bags of charcoal, utinsils, a charcoal chimney, 2 of those large bins with the rope handles to keep drinks in and 2 lawn chairs! lol Here is the kicker, he used the grill one time and it sat for a year! So it's basically brand new! I had to drive 60 miles to northside of Chicago, but it was worth it! I'm super happy!

Notice the ECB in the background waiting for more mods! lol!
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Nice find.

craigslist is where I get all my smokers. I think I'm addicted
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What an awesome price for a smoker like that. Craigslist is awesome!! I'm still fishing for something new myself ... hopefully I'll get the luck you had!
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Nice find,especially with all the goodies too.
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great find. I think I am going to go troll around craigslist for a bit. Congrtulations and happy smoking/grilling.
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Good deal. I should look at that mere often
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great find, congrats
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Holy Cow !! Great deal !!! used once AND stored inside since ( the red stained wood ain't faded PDT_Armataz_01_18.gif )

If ( when ) you decide to add the sfb , cut a 2 x 4 or 6 so it just fits from end to end inside the barrel , stand on end on a firm surface . Place the 2 x inside and use that as a support for breaking free each of the spot welds holding that football shaped cuttout in place. A good whack with a hammer and a big flat blade screwdriver for each weld should do it. Move the board as needed as you work your way around the punchout.

Seems some folks have had trouble removing that knockout , hence the advise PDT_Armataz_01_18.gif
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I can't believe the joke my dad pulled selling my Char-griller Super Pro. E-Mail me your address and I will come get it and refund your $50 dollars.

thanks ..............
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Congrates on the new smoker..................Just need the sfb now..........Great deal....................
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Thanks everyone, it was a great find! The guy stored it in his apartment building basement storage unit! It was outside for one cook out, that's it! that's why it looks brand new! Even my not so happy about me buying another grill/smoker fiance was surprised and said it was well worth the trip! lol

Packplantpath, thanks! I think I share your addiction! You can see all my grills in my sig! :p

1894- Thanks for the tips. I had no idea people had the problems installing it. I'm actually getting ready now to go get the SFB from the local Menards.
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