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Three Brave Birds

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I know every one else is doing the fattie throw down this weekend but, I'm not sure I'm ready for that so, I'm trying some thing a little simpler. This is only my second smoke on the new Lang and I don't want to ruin some nice sausage. Pork butts came out yummy last weekend, today I'm trying three beer can chickens. They went in the smoker around 7:00 this morning. Any advise on time and temp would be welcome.
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I cook my birds to 175-180 internal. I know some go less, but with chickens I don't like taking a chance. Usually takes from 4-4 1/2 hrs. Good luck with the smoke, and don't forget the q-view.
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I been wondering the point of the can in a smoker... Seems the heat needs to be much higher and from the bottom to make the can method effective, don't it?

Anyway... Dunno about time... but you want those puppies to measure at least 165° deep in thigh/breast. I usually go 10° higher. Don't like pink in poultry.

Common wisdom on temps...keep it up there... 250°+, avoiding "rubber chicken syndrome".
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good luck cant wait fot the q-view
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I agree with Rich I don't like pink rubbery chicken.
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Thanks all! I'll let the thigh temps get up to around 170-175. I don't like taking chances with poultry either. I'm looking forward to seeing lots of fattie qview today. I'm working my way up to that, maybe in a couple weeks. Good luck to all in the throw down! Thanks again for the advise!
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Hope things are going well for you. Looks like you got it handled.
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I've done several,I like to plug up the top with 1/2 of a lemon.And if you like crispy skin you might want to crank the heat up near the end of your smoke.
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This is the birds after 3 1/2 hours in the smoker. Internal temp for all three was between 175-180. I kept the smoker temp at 250-275, when I stuck a thermometer in them, juice really sqiurted out of all three so, I don't think they will be dry inside. I'll let them rest/cool a while before I debone them. Thanks again to all for the advise and good luck with those fatties!
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Good work, folks! Yum!
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looks good...
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Looks great , l PDT_Armataz_01_37.gifSeems that new smoker is working well icon_smile.gif
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Nice, you are on your way!!
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