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My rough and ready smoker

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Im sure there will be a few mods along the way but im sure she will
smoke my bacon hahaha icon_smile.gif


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Nice Contraption. Function outweighs form anytime in my book. What's the smoke box from?
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Wow, now that's making a statement, along with Q!
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I like it !!!
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Sweet Danz, way to improvise and make it happen!!!!!!!!!

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Cheers guys

The smoke box is made from a Telecom exchange thay had on the side of the road its all stainless steel so should last me a life time... A few phones went down when i took that baby biggrin.gif

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Neat set up.
I like it.
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I agree. Nice SS box. Interesting set up. Nice engineering.
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Very interesting. One question though. Was the temp 198*F, or was it
198*C? If celcius, thats 388*F!
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Yeah dawg, I was thinking the same, looks like the C is after the digital readout. But besides that, it does look like an interesting set - up, needs an exhaust though. Looks pretty heavy duty. How did the racking system inside work out?
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cool setup there...................Like the s.s. box................
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It was 19.8 c ... 67 F . The fire had not been going long at the stage

Does a exhaust just help with the draw of the fire?? I will post another pic of racking in side

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I think the exhaust is to let the smoke and heat flow through helping the fire burn better ,and so the smoke doesn't get stale from being stuck in the chamber .
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