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Wrong Smoker Shipped

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I haven't posted in a while because I have been waiting for my new smoker to arrive. I knew it was backordered, but worth the wait. I got excited yesterday when my new smoker arrived via FedEx from Bass Pro. Once I looked at the box and the shipping label, I found out it was the wrong one. Bummer.....I ordered the Brinkmann Deluxe Cimarron and they shipped the Brinkmann regular Cimarron. The Deluxe is basically the same smoker with a propane burner on the right side and a propane log lighter in the firebox. I contacted Bass Pro and after an eternity trying to make them understand what happened, they agreed to ship me another smoker (hopefully the right one) and I will have to return this one. The regular Cimarron is a good smoker, but I expect to get what I paid for and what I chose from their web page. Now I still have to wait before I can try my "expertise" at preparing some good food. Sorry, just venting a little.
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Bummer, Cop. They should let you keep it.
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Sorry to hear that! Hope you're up and smoking soon.
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Hope the new one gets there soon. In the meantime you should keep on reading and posting. Get a list ready of what you're gonna cook when it shows up!
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Hopefully they didnt make you pay for return shipping.
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do not use your coin to reship.. have them send you a will call tag..and ups will come and pick it up..
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Sorry about the wrong one. Hopefully the right one will come faster since they messed up.
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