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Newb as well.

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My name is shane, I know my user name is differnt, but that is an ols mountain bike I used to ride and not many people use that name. I am in Sandy, UT and just bought a brinkman Smoke n' grill. I am smoking a Brisket as I am typing. I am excited to be in this forum and learn frm all of you.
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Welcome to the SMF Shane!! You should consider taking Jeff's FREE 5-day course. Even if your an expert I'm betting you could glean some info from it. Check out all the forums...
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Welcome to the forun. Lots of great people and advice here.
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Welcome Shane, glad to have you here!
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Welcome 499. Show us some q-view.
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Welcome to the SMF, you're gonna have some fun, smokes, and Q too!
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Spam reported go away qrst353
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grst353 is posting SPAM and not the kind we smoke and eat.

Welcome Shane! are you ready for a throwdown? hehehehe join us in the fatty throwdown. I'll be posting mine tomorrow. these people are all awesome with the help and advice. I bought a brand new smoker back in April, made mods recommended here 1and am smokin' meats like a pro thanks to this great group of men and women!
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Welcome to the smf....................Glad to have you here...............
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Heloooooo Shane !!! and welcome !!PDT_Armataz_01_36.gif
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Welcome to the SMF family.
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Thanks to all. I look forward to learning from everyone here.
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Welcome to SMF Shane! Have ya smoked much before? If not..I'll give ya cahuna credits for jumping right into a brisket! We like pictures too...AKA Q-view! Enjoy!
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Amen on that..Welcome Shane you will like it here.
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Greetings Shane!
Awesome brisket eh? remember, no q-vue it didn't happen!!
We love our q-vue!!
Happy smokes!
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good luck on the Brisket ---and welcome to SMF!
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