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Too many things in the background being dealt with,so I unfortunately did not have a perfect thrown down entry.
As I mentioned earlier we got bison, sausage, spices, sauce, cheese, Canadian bacon and bacon slices for my entry.
Well trruth be told even with nothing else to do this would be Faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaar from perfect. Long story short, trying to time everything I forgot to get a pic of the preroll fatty, but everything in the pic is in it.

My rolling still need improvement, but this did not explode (yet) and I was much happier with go around

Rolled and ready for the freezer before movement to the smoker

Whats for dinner: note: I forgot to but the bacon on, but its there now

just about ready to come off:


No frills plating, just good ol meat and beans

Thank you for reading.biggrin.gif
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Cheesey Fruit Fattie

Wow it's been great wathcing this competition
Hadn't seen any with fruit until this competition so here goes:

Granny Smith and Gala apple
Cheddar cheese

Sauce for apples: Brown sugar, Cinnamin, Cloves, and a touch of Allspice

1 chub Bob Evans Original Sausage

Smoked with Hickory and Apple

Lined up and ready to roll
Attachment 10751

Finished and cut
Attachment 10752
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Werdwolf, im totally feeling that. Currents rock.
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Apples, ham,chives,bacon and gouda

No. 2 is done. Sure i shouldnt have cut it yet but I couldnt wait to post her on the board and eat it. I couldnt help but use the lattice again cause especcially with the chicken being so much softer it really helped to wrap her tight. I had this idea to baste it with bloomed instant geletin to hel keep from blowouts or bacon unraveling. Maybe it worked or maybe it woulda stayed together anyway ill never know. Pulled it and put the butt right on.

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its the freaky fattys, the phaty phemoenom, fattys forever, wow fatties all around. great job folks i knew this was gona be huge!!!! i think i mentioned it a few times when doing my mini's that fattys gonna fly this summer. well indeed they have. thanks kelly for the idea and the thinking behind to set this up, couldnt a been better, its all fun, we are seein fatties pushed to new levels today and later. we will look back at this thread and use for reference!!!! sticky this please!!!! eric cant wait to see that 5 pounder!!! mine went in the smoker a bit ago and am loading pix now. in a bit will offer up some qview!!!!!
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And the bestest part erian , theres still almost 22 hours left , can't wait to see what tonight and tommarrow have in store cool.gif
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Be gentle, this is my first fatty....

Well here you go.....The Meatball Fatty...
JD Italian Sausage
green peppers
fresh scallions

Served on hot pasta with marinara sauce, and smoked mushrooms as garnish

and the inside

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man that looks delicious nothing better the bbq and pasta.
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ok here a quick rundown of a few fatties i twisted today.

first off is a favrite with some adjustments, the Brat w/Bavarian Kraut-Garlic Potatoes. basically bavarian kraut has caraway seeds added, used some garlic mashed potatoes, my home made kraut w/caraway seeds and cheddar, for the rub on this i just sprinkled with some Essence-BAM!!!

rolled with rub, ready for smoker

next up is my Holiday Turkey w/Wild Rice-Almond Stuffing fatty
made up a sage stuffing with wild rice,almonds,celery,some craisons,
will serve with a cranbery sauce. used poultry seasoning for rub on this one. i rolled it up before pic so i opened it up but pic not very good.

rolled ry for smoker

next up is the Italian Sausage w/Prosciutto and Albacore Cabbage Roll fatty. title pretty much lists all ingred. again already had the cabbage roll made up when snpped pic. sorry about that...... used an italian herb rub on this one.

rolled for smoker
oops gussed missed that one too!!!

next Salmon w/Dill and Saffron Risoto-Aspargus fatty, ground salmon in processor,made up some risoto added some saffron to it to color it a bit. rolled it around some mini asparagus spears. sundried tomato-basil cheese. 6 pepper blend rub on it

rolled for smoker

next is Elk Pot Roast fatty, mushrooms,brussel sprouts,onion,carrots,provolone and tomato paste. used Steak Dust for rub

ready for smoker

have to stop here and start another post for last entry. ck out next post for last but not least, thks for ckin my qview!!!!
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last entry is my Taco fatty, simple and quick. mixed 1/3 elk w 2/3 pork added some taco seasonings and mixed well, laid out a couple sections of soft shell, added tomatos,green and black olives,taco sauce and cheese

ready for smoke

all in smoker

great job all who contributed to throwdown or who will still tomorrow!!!
i am at about 145 deg now. so cruisin rite along
thanks for ckin my qview!!!
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Well here is my breakfast omelet fatty plated with what is should have been hash browns, but looked more lik potatoe patty but it wasnt bad the fatty was great. move the key board from under your mouth so it doesnt short out from the drool, the brisket doesnt does have any thing to do with the showdown but I thought I would gove a extra q-view. have fun all the other q-views looooook great. Brian

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2nd entry

This is my 3rd fatty ever. I was beat to the post the other day by White Cloud (great minds think alike). I was encouraged to take it to the next level.Looking for a smiley face I got this.

I think it looks like an angry frog,Dolores says it looks like an alien.

1 lb.+ jimmy dean
roasted red pepper
jalapenos -cut both ends and core
cheddar cheese-to stuff the jalapenos

I'm still calling it " smiley face"
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Steve, I too went on a long run to start the day. Did not come up with anything brillant as you will see below. Now that I am smoking I can eat more calories than I burn running for sure.
Haloman - Your presentation is just great. Nice first go.
Everyone else -- Great ideas. I am quite amazed at the skill of the grillmasters, cooks and pitmasters that are on this place.

Well here goes my entry: Pizza-We-Like-Fatty -- when others see this they will be encouraged to post as I had a blow-out.

Ingredients: TN Pride Hot - 2 chubbs, green olives, mozzarella balls, sundried tomatoes, tomato paste, cracked red pepper


No rolled & ready pic - I used Buck's tutorial to get it rolled but knew I was prone to a blow-out when closing it up. Quantity of ingredients was just too much.

It did blow out during the smoke and a lot of the mozzarella cheese oozed out. To make matters worse, when I transferred to a clean pan, the bottom exploded so one 'roll' layer came out.

But as we always say, it was still edible so I used CWB's to make sandwiches for supper. They were really good.
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Gettin in on the throwdown

First fattie is the Hawaiin Luau Fattie, made with Pineappe Bratwurst bought from the meat case at the grocery store filled with provolone cheese slices, ham, pineapple chunks, and mozerella cheese. The second fattie is the Double Decker Thanksgiving Feast Fattie. It is ground turkey mixed with some ground pork (to hold it all together) filled with some hamburger stuffing (hamburger, onion, celery, hard boiled egg, garlic salt, sage, rice, paresan & romano cheeses and milk) made the night before. Another layer of the turkey/pork mixure then layered with cornbread-cranberry stuffing. Can't wait to share the final pics tomorrow.
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Entry #3 -Chorizo Burrito Fatty

Home made chorizo w/jd
pinto beans, -enough til it looks good
some chipotle in adobo
some sliced green stuffed olives
and cheddar cheese
how much?? , Til it looks good....

and all hickory smoke

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Wow, some pretty amazing fatties so far. So I'm officially throwing my hat into the ring, even though I don't stand a chance against some of the great things people have come up with. So here's what I got...

Seafood Fattie

JD sausage
crab meat
shrimp (without the tails)
lemon juice
cocktail sauce

Fattie Italiano

Italian sausage
Genoa salami
Smoked Fontina cheese
wrapped in bacon

Pseudo Vegetarian fattie (vegetarian...except for the pound of sausage of course, haha)

JD sausage
Pinapple and apple cunks tossed with cinnamon
Green and red peppers and onions sauted in garlic and EVOO

And just to fill up the smoker, I also did some ABTs stuffed with shredded cheese and chives and onion cream cheese, topped with tabasco chipotle and of course bacon. And I threw on a few italian sausages as well.

Smoked on hickory and mesquite
Spritzed with apple cider

The contents of last night's shopping trip:

I forgot to take pics of two of the fatties before rolling, so here's the italian one:

Full smoker:

Little blowout on the seafood fattie, nothing major:

Fattie Italiano (that's italian for "italian fattie")

And lastly, the pseudo vegetarian fattie.

And even though this is all about fatties, why not some qview of the rest of tonight's smoke:

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Chitownbbq, I never thought of shrimp or sea food,nice,I like it.Let's keep those entries coming in.
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OK Guys and Gals I'm in the process of my turduckin fatty I'll have pics in a little bit. I'm also doing a stuffed zucchini fatty. Be back in a little while with the first pics/
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They all look so good, I will be doing one tomorrow, I will have pictures and all the details tomorrow, Can't wait. This is fun, I will also be doing a deer roast,
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