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We love it; it's become our "go to" fattie. I do other ones, but we always come back to this one because it tastes so good and fits in as just about anything- breakfast, dessert, snack, for guests, etc. In fact, I've started making them up 3 at a time and freezing them. Just take it out the day before I need it and I'm ready to go. No waste on the apple stuff that way either.
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There were lots of folks making blueberry fatties around that time and so I tried it too while I was doing my throwdown entries. I liked this one a lot too and have made it a few times since then. This year I'm going to swap a couple of them with a guy that grows his own blueberries! Can't wait!
************************************************** ********************
While I was doing my entries for the Fatty Throwdown I decided to finally try this blueberry fatty everyone was saying was so good.
The final verdict? Yes, it's that good!

Here's some Maple flavored Owen's rolled out and ready.

Next I took some blueberries and spread them over the sausage, and then gently pushed them into the sausage. I used them frozen so that they would not crush. Then in the middle, a few more blueberries, fresh-made blueberry pancake ripped into pieces, more blueberries, and then covered in pure maple syrup.

Got it wrapped up and then just 3 pieces of bacon to help hold it together and add a bit of flavor.

It went into the MES at 230 using apple wood and lump charcoal. This is how it came out.

And now, the inside.
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Man that one looks great too. Wish I had some more points to give out.
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When is the Spring throwdown???? I am sitting on pics of the Almighty Fattie! It was so good I'm thinking about making it again this weekend!
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That looks great: my brouther and i own 50+ acs of blueberry land and get around 90+or -tons every year. never through of this. to do list. THANKS
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OK, here's ours.

10# Italian Sausage
3lb Maplewood Smoked/Peppered Bacon
1lrg Yellow Onion, diced
4oz pickled Banana Peppers
20 cloves Garlic, smashed
8oz Pepperoni, sliced
3oz Pepperjack Cheese, shredded

Well #$%!#$^!% it says my attached file is too big ! icon_rolleyes.gif
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Originally Posted by Buck Wheezer View Post

Now entering the ring...

Cincinnati-style Cheese Coney Fatty
Ground beef mixed with Cincinnati-style chili seasoning (we prefer Gold Star to Skyline, if you know/care about the difference), yellow mustard and onions (we prefer with both on our coneys), hot dogs, and shredded cheddar cheese.

Chicken Cordon Bleu Fatty
Ground chicken breast mixed with salt, pepper, and garlic powder; thin layer of dijon mustard; sliced baked ham; and sliced swiss cheese. I'm thinking of wrapping with BACON tomorrow morning.

Spanikopita-Gyro Fatty
Ground beef (wife said "no" to lamb...) mixed with minced garlic, onion powder, rosemary, and marjoram; fresh spinach; and feta cheese.

The contenders are resting comfortably in the chill chest until tomorrow morning, and then it's THROWDOWN TIME!

Rumor has it that another contender may enter the running in the morning. We'll keep you posted.


First Hour UPDATE
The charcoal bullet is overloaded. They're touching, but I don't think that will matter... much. Despite the load, the mods from last weekend are helping it hold around 250.

Last Hour Update
They're all hitting their final temps. Chicken's a little low; so I've transfered her to the electric (as the charcoal is starting to drop after four hours). Slicing and plating pics up tomorrow.

hay Buck, you use to live in the Nati? hope you don't mind if i use this, i live in the Nati. and would love to try this out!! if you every need chili seasoning let me know.i could hook you up..

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Originally Posted by Cloudmaker View Post

OMG! *pulls himself up off of the floor and mops the drool off his chair....quickly scans all of the posts again....and again....* Ok, somebody please tell me because I obviously missed it....how long do I cook these things, what kind of smoke do I use, do I apply a mop, keep it at 225? Details people, I need cooking details! Until reading this post I had never even heard of a fattie....er....well other than me. New guy with his stomach REALLY growling here.....*smiles broadly and nods repeatedly* I just showed these pics to my wife and she asked why I can't do that...as usual I shrugged my shoulders (that's why they are stooped). She was just asking if I could smoke meatloaf, but this looks much better. Same technique I assume?



Holy $&!^ me too.Dam I am hungy now! Need details please!  OMG Food Porn! LOL

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OMG, it's a Fatty Invasion! All I can say is OMG..

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OMG! to funny! 

Originally Posted by BBQGODDESS View Post

Word of the Day bogart


1 : bully, intimidate
*2 : to use or consume without sharing



These fattys look awesome guys! I'm makin a plain ole breakfast fatty for tomorrow, My first one...... eggs, green peppers, onion, hash browns, cheddar all rolled up in Jimmy dean and bacon lattice, yummy!


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New to the forums guys, and I have never, ever heard of a fatty, until I saw some pics.  Then I realized, my meatloaf is a fatty, in disguise...ground beef seasoned with my favorite (quicky-quick) storebought bbq sauce and Mc Cormick's Barbecue flavored seasoning, layer ham and swiss inside, roll it up and layer bacon on it .  I have never smoked it, but near the end, smother it with more barbeque sauce :




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hehe...  FID - Fatty in Disguise.  I never thought of rolling meatloaf and adding layers of ingredients inside it.. That's genius.  Definitely giving that a try.  I'm thinking a layer of crispy tater tots inside the meatloaf, rolled like that would be interesting.  This board is paying off all ready!  Thanks for the idea.

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Smoked meatloaf is great. I'm sure a meatloaf fattie would be greater.

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Ok this is my first post and I think I have done you all proud. I have what I believe is the perfect Meatloaf Fatty. I used Guy Fieri's Cornbread Stuffed Meatloaf, Recipe can be found at: http://www.foodnetwork.com/recipes/guys-big-bite-/cornbread-stuffed-meatloaf-recipe/index.html then wrapped in a basket weave bacon blanket. This BADBOY was 16 lbs. I used 8 lbs. of ground beef, 1 lb ground pork, 1 lb bulk Itailian sausage, 3 lbs thick cut peppered bacon, and the rest is cornbread etc.


I then smoked this on my Great Smokey Mtn. Gas smoker with mesquite wood for about 4 hrs. but basically until it reached 145 degrees.


This is freaking incredible.

2011-07-19 14.33.11.jpg2011-07-20 17.12.39.jpg2011-07-20 20.26.24.jpg2011-07-20 20.29.24.jpg

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I don't understand the term 'FATTIES', Sausage or Beef Roll ups maybe, BUT THE TERM 'FATTIES' IS INSULTING!!!!


NOW if we all tried 1/2 or more of these "DELICIOUS RECIPES", THEN, I think, WE ALL KNOW where the term 'FATTIES' could be applied!!!!!!!!!!!!!! icon_wink.gif icon_wink.gif




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Now that's a FATTIE!

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I realize this thread is super old, but it must be bumped! So many great recipes inside!
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BUMPED again...ooops!

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i loved this thread!  i can't wait to try a fattie!

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