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Here I am!

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Im the local pitmaster of my house cool.gif

I've been using a brinkman water smoker for the past 10 years and have enjoyed smoking all sorts of meats. For what I use it for, that smoker has been all I need. I do however drool over much fancier equip. but have a hard time justifying getting anything new, since the orginal is still working like a champ.
I am in the process of perfecting my newest masterpice "Smoked Tamales" icon_evil.gif It is a beautiful collision of the mexican staple, and the southern treat.

Stay tuned for more further info on that icon_smile.gif
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Welcome to the forum!! Smoked Tamales sound like something I could get my teeth around.......southern treat not so sure about least not in my neck of the woods....:)
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Welcome! I love tamales so have at it and post some pics!
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Welcome to the forum.
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By "southern treat" I was trying to be poetic in saying it is a tamale with a gently modified pulled pork filling icon_smile.gif.

It has been in my head for a couple years now, but I just made my first round last week, and so far everyone that sampled them have given me great feed back.
I have a couple more modifications i want to try for round 2 next week.
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Sounds good to me! It seems that tamales are a "southern treat" in the Mississipi delta region, or at least that's what I gathered from the last season of Alton Brown's "Feasting on Asphalt." Adding Q ought to cement the relationship.

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Cant wate to see the Qview.... I love Tamales. I Have only found them here once!
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Hmmm smoked tamales... those GOTTA be good! Again..Welcome to SMF!
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Glad to have you with us jam.

Nice to have an experienced smoker join the ranks. I hope you never get rid of your ECB. I know I will never get rid of mine. Look forward to learning from you!
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Sounds real good Jam. Welcome.
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Yep here you are, glad to have you join. the tamales sound interesting, I will be looking forward to your report and "Q-VIEWS"
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welcome to smf!!!! share some smokes!!!
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Welcome to the forum!!
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