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How long does a frozen turkey last

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I have had a turkey freezer since Thanksgiving last year. Do you think it will still be good?confused.gif
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Welcome to SMF Yt. Stop into the Roll Call forum and give us an intro post.

This link will take you to a recent post from the FDA on length of time for cold food storage saftey:
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cool link, thanks for the info
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Should be, so long as it wasn't thawed and is still sealed.
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I'm no FDA boy (I didn't even stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night), but I will say that I cooked a turkey last week that had been in the freezer since December. I didn't grow a third eye or sit on the throne for extended periods. I think you'll be OK, if you follow the advise mentioned above.
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sounds good.

I think it is about time to fire that bad boy up icon_evil.gif
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well, was diggin thru freezer and found a quick froze turkey from .........dec 2005.............wasnt freeze burnt,or dry,looked like the day we put in,so ibrined it,and thru on smoker........I couldnt tell any diff from a fresh one.....honest injun ! usally dont keep that long,but it crawled to bottom of freezer, below zero temp and vac sealed..
I fixed in in may 2008
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Smokin Nutz, you just might be a little nuts. :-)

We generally buy 4 or 5 turkeys at Thanksgiving when they are outragously cheap. The last one usually is getting used just before Thanksgiving the following year.
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