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BBQs Galore changes vendor on Bar-B-Chef

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I received this from BBQs galore

"Last years model of the Bar B Chef offset smoker is out of stock company wide. Barbeques Galore has changed vendors on this item and we will not be receiving our first shipments of this item until September. We do not currently have the dimensions for the new Bar B Chef grill. We should receive all materials concerning the new model late August or Early September. Thank you for contacting Barbeques galore."

Jeremy VanDervoort
Customer Service

Hopefully they keep it the same or improve it.
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Update....I contacted BBQS Galore yesterday and they said no specs yet but the units will be in by the end of October and sell for $299 although they will honor the old price $269 to anyone that waits for the new model.
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Thanks elkhorn98. I've been waiting for this model to come back for some time now.
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I'm waiting on that too. It's why I'm not yet assembling the CharGriller Smokin'Pro (well, beside the fact that the CGSP is technically a B'day gift and that's a month away lol). Any urge to smoke til then can be handled on the Weber kettle.

This weekend I'll be at my brother's, and he's doing a smoke on his old NBBD :)
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I thought BBQ Galore filed Chapter 11 and was going under?
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I heard that the one by my house was going out of business. I have not stopped by yet to talk to the staff. But I could not find anything online that the whole company was in trouble.
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try googling " barbeques galore chapter 11" and see what you find then wink.gif
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I stopped by yesterday and the one in Fairfax is going out of business. 20 to 40% off everything. Of course, they shipped most everything back to the vendors so the pickings were slim
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I guess I won't be waiting on it then.... the Smokin'Pro is gonna have to make do.
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Ditto for the one in Alpharetta, GA.
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I had an email in to them since about July. They said they would contact me when they got them in. I finally received a phone call from a woman at their headquarters last week. She said they were NOT going to get any more of the smokers in. Wouldn't give a reason. But said that they would no longer carry them. Time to look for something else. Any suggestions what is second best out of the box?
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ive been waiting too...the reason is CHAPTER 11.....unfortunately their CS dept doesnt really know whats going on..ive gotten several emails from them and they are all going in different directions
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Chargriller Smokin' Pro a solid #2?
I like mine!

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Stopped by the galore near me and spoke with an employee. The company is closing all East Coast stores. He explained that the blame basically falls on one guy, who pissed off the majority investor. Resulting in them walking away with the check book. There was also internal frustration because the store items were always out of stock and not generating sales. The company, because of low sales, didn't have money to buy products to put in the stores. So lots of back and forth.

Its a sad day. I always enjoyed going there and the staff was always helpful. BBQ Galore will be missed.
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thanks for the info, I am going to the springfirld one today, see if I can get anything good. I will report back.

Thanks again, shame it is getting hard to find good smoking supplies in the city.
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I have a Bar B Chef that Santa brought me last year. Stopped by the store last week to check on the Thermometer was told the filed chapter 11 in Charlotte. I like the cooker but the folks who ran the store had very poor service. They told Santa that the thermo came from China and it was back order last Dec until now. Huh!?

With that said I have enjoyed smoking with is cooker.PDT_Armataz_01_26.gif
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