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Nut shells with meats still inside

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Hey there smokey buddies

I have used hickory nut shells with great sucess to smoke pork oh sweet pork. but the nut meat was kindly removed by the squirels.

Well, I have a mess of pecans that are whole. do you all think I could use them for smoke with the nut meats inside, or will the smoke be oily and akrid?

Thank you all
I promise to let my rub recipe out soon........promise!
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I think your second call is prolly the most likely. I would shell them.
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Yea, shell them. Why waste good pecans, even if it tasted fine to smoke with them whole.
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Good words of wisdom to heedicon_exclaim.gif
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Thanks folks,

I apreciate the feed back. The nuts are about 2 years old so the meats are stale. so I am waiting for a few more opinions on the oily smoke question then I will form my informed opinion from there a nd let y'all know what has come up.

I am away until Monday, I will post the rub recipe then.
It may be good or it may be rug sweepings.

shmoke on!
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Hey Boy812, IMOP the shells will be O.K., but the meat will be useless. This is from experience in using year old ones from Mom's freezer.
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Why not experiment do a smoke with and a smoke without and let us know what you experienced.
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I have used whole pecans.....never as the only fuel, but a handful or so per smoke works well with both wood or charcoal.
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where's the recipe?
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What Richtee said, the shell game is on.
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i use cracked pecan shells for smoking i get from a pecan cracking house, there will still be a good bit of meat mixed in with the shells i use and it seems to be fine..try em whole they may smoke longer than cracked
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