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Well I guess I must bare my soul and fess up.  I use a dehydrator for jerky and dare I say a little of the liqued stuff for smoke flavor in my jerky.  Ok crucify me!  LOL hit.gif

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Sounds like you need to try the smoker/dehydrator combo so you can tell me and Ross how it works. biggrin.gif

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I did the smoker then dehydrator combo 2 weekends ago with some "London Broil" (I know that's a cooking method and not a cut of meat, but I'm not sure which cut it was - Top round maybe?).


I hung the cured, marinated and sliced pieces on toothpicks between the slats on the top grate of my WSM and used about 6 pieces of BB Kingsford and the smallest slivers of pecan wood I could find.  There were left on there for about 3 hours then into the dehydrator for about 5 hours or so.  They turned out fantastic.

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That's all I need to hear Steevie.

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so it is not necessary to dehydrate then smoke?

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I am a dehydrator fan myself .. I use liq smoke in my jerky and then dry it till it snaps like a twig ...I love it chewy ..and  lol I dont eat it as fast ...oh  and Im a noob here so could someone tell me what a GOSM is ?



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