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Rescued a Smoker from the curb

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The better half just shook her head and asked me why I needed a 4th smoker. I promised to do a chicken for her this weekend.

Now, I have to do some searches and learn a bit about it. Is adding charcoal a pain?

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It's an ECB clone... get a bag of lump and have at 'er!
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Nice steal. With some mods, the thing will do very well! PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Bet she has more than four pairs of shoes.... and what can u make with those?
Fire it up!!!!
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Woah.... <Rim shot!>
Wish I'da thought of that!
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Well said and oh so true!!!!!!!!
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OOHHH Yaaa !!!! Still Laughin' out Loud PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif

" How many of those pairs of shoes were free ? "

Lots of posts on ECB mods , you'll be smoking her shoes this weekend PDT_Armataz_01_18.gif

"Need a 4th Smoker " ??? Need more than .... ?? better stop now PDT_Armataz_01_04.gif
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Yea buddy! The perfect line to drop when hitting the missus up for another one here! Gonna try it out on the way home this evening.... LOL

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lmao....what a line ..hahaha...I've gotta remember that one. Could apply to so many subjects. Still lol....
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you sir are a fine american!!! rescueing a homeless smoker like that,with no regard as to what it might cost you,and with a glaring wife to boot!!! two thumbs up to you sir!! for giving a homeless smoker another chance to become a productive member of smoking socitey again....i think i have a tear...no wait a minute that's mop sauce!!!
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Great find and can't beat the price I can't believe somebody threw out a perfectly good smoker that ain't right
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Nice find. Tell her a fifth is in the works.
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Nice find.
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Too funny daddio..

Nice find on the smoker... looks to be unabused too.
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Um, I can't openly agree with you here, but.... That's the kind of logic that can get you killed!

The abuse here is that it was on the street. Cryin' shame, with all those folks around the world who don't have smokers.

My charcoal bullet was a stray that a friend found at a yardsale for $8--not in nearly as good shape as your find.
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Hey real nice find ...... and thank you for saving a smoker from the landfill. PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif

I was just browsing the forums and found this link for some mods to what looks like your new addition.

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If it's the right shoes, worn with the right skirt...they can bring tears to a man's eyes faster than a perfect rack of ribs...guaranteed!!!

Now if those perfect shoes and that perfect skirt are involved in making the perfect rack o' ribs...even sweeter!! biggrin.gifwink.gif
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cinnamon now we sure nuff taking it to a whole nother level!!! lol
remember on seinfeld when george tried to combine yada yada yada with food and radio!!!
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Who was it that had the perfect smoking sneakers?? Was it Richtee?
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Nice find! We saw one identical (except black), at a yard sale today, one of those 'got it never used it' things... she wanted $35 for it, bonuses included a bag of wood chunks (didn't look close enough to see what kind) and a grill mat.

Had a little rust inside, but everything else was mint.

I probably could have offered her $20... and walked away with it.

But we passed. eek.gif
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