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SNP with a few mods and a beef chuck shoulder roast rubbed down n smokin'. smile.gif

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Looks good. PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif

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I'm glad you replied Drowzy. I see you have that afterburner in your snp. Does it work well? I looked at them and they seem to be well made. Any problems or comments you can think of? Also I have a natural gas tap about 6 feet away from where my smoker sits that used to be connected to a gas grill. Any experience with Natural gas using the afterburner? Thanks in advance for any info you can share.
BTW i have pics of the finish roast just no time to post em. It turned out nice n juicy but yet again a bit overdone. I like mine on the rare side but the family........ Anyway it was very tasty.

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looks real good.
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Dang...that thing's WAAAY too clean LOL! Git 'er dirty!

Good luck and don't forget the finish pix! Carry on, Soldier!
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Ok here's the finished pic of the roast. mmmm good. I'm learnin more every day. This forum ROCKS!!!!!!! PDT_Armataz_01_01.gif

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Yes, it works very well. I LOVE it.

The only thing is with the new SnP and the stupid "daisy" damper opening that Brinkmann made, it is a little tricky getting the Afterburner to line up with one of the openings. I ended up making a new door but I could have gotten by with the stock door. I also found that if I put the juice can with wood in the grate cutout I cant keep the chunks from catching fire so I stand the can up in the corner of the firebox on the grate and that works very well.

I don't have any experience with natural gas version but I know you can get a dual fuel version if you want.

One nice thing about the Afterburner is you can take it out very quickly so if you wanted to do a charcoal smoke once in awhile, it would be easy to switch back. I don't know that I would though . . . the gas is awfully convenient.biggrin.gif I am very happy with mine and you would be hard pressed to find better customer service from any other company. Ed is great to work with.

Hope this helps.

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Woo! Well done, Sir!
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Looks really tasty - hope the smokey flavor was good!
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good looking roast
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Looks real tasty!
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Here's whats left after the first round of sandwiches. I made up some BBQ sauce with a bit of brown sugar added along with a splash of Hurtin Habenero sauce. It was sweet at first and heated up soon after taking a bite. This is getting addictive. PDT_Armataz_01_28.gif

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Thanks for the info Dave. I'm going to check into the natural gas version a bit more. Looks like a quality piece of equipment. PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Was this the H H sauce ?


Too much vin in a lot of sauces for me , I like the ones that just use a bit and let the flavor do its thing.
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Looks great Smoking Gun!PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Yes It is Daves Hurtin Habenero. It is my favorite habenero sauce because it's got the good habenero flavor, delayed burn, and it's not so hot you ruin your food with a few drops too many. I have some habenero paste that is 100% pure habenero but you have to be careful with that. The Daves mixes better in sauces for me. icon_wink.gif

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Here's a pic of the T-Bone Flat top I've grilled on for a few years now. Many a steak and BBQ pork chop has come off this baby. PDT_Armataz_01_28.gif

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Thanks SG , we got a kinda local sauce sounds similar called wango tango
MMMMMmmmm good cool.gif

Ran across a stand at the farmers market last weekend , they had a sauce that sounds like your mix , starts " MM that's sorta sweet and tastey" , then the heat and other flavors build up , and then it's " MMmm wow , what a great sauce " . Can't find a link to it , but I'll keep my eyes open at the farmers market this weekend.
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I've actually seen the Wango Tango sauce in a specialty store here but never tried it. With habeneros and cayenne how can you go wrong? lol I'll have to give it a try. PDT_Armataz_01_18.gif
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I have an SNP too. If you are burning wood, you can keep a nice stable temp in all but the windiest of conditions. Even a windy condition you can do well, I recently found that out. Obviously, you have to increase the amount of wood. You also have to have a chimney shovel or other device to clear the air way under the coals.
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