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Hello from Ohio

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Ive been lurking here for several years now and must start by thanking everyone. Every time I fire up my smoker I get on here first for the latest ideas. The hours I have spent here are worth it just for Fatties alone! Now on to the questions.

My name is Jason.
I am married with 2 kids, 2 and 4. I am a Biomedical Electronics Technician (which means Medical Equipment Repair Man)
I have a Smoke Hollow Propane Smoker
I'd call myself an advanced amateur. Because of this website I am now able to give tips to 2 fellow smokers who have many years more experience than myself.
I'm from Tipp City Ohio. To find it drive North out of Dayton. When "Big City" ends and "Small town" begins you are here.

How I started : I was sitting in this newest restaurant in town, Smoky Bones, eating what I thought was the best pulled pork ever. I look, at my wife and said "I have got to figure out how to make this". The next day I was telling my Mother about SB and that I had to get a smoker. Well about 2 weeks later, on September 12, 2005 (No not a photographic memory, it was a birthday gift) My mom gave me the Smoke Hollow Smoker.

Well, only 3 pulled porks later and I realized how wrong I was that night in SB about them having the best pulled pork ever. But hey at least SB got me started and gave me a bar to set my standards by.
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Nice to meet 'cha, Jason. Glad to have you here.

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Welcome aboard!
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Welcome to the forum Jason, glad to have you
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A multi-year lurker?!? Great that you finally came out of the bushes, welcome aboard!
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Wow Jason! I felt bad for lurking for a month! You say ya been lurking for several years?? JK! Welcome to the site. I'm sure you know from lurking that this is THE PLACE. We have a place here that has some really good Q. Since being here I have not been back there. I think I'd put my ribs or butt up against theirs any day thanks to all the experts here!!
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Way to go Jason. Glad your producing awesome Q. Its a cool feeling when everyone can't get enough.
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Welcome to SMF glad you came out of the shadows. I'll be looking forward to some Qview of those butts biggrin.gif Have fun and happy smoking
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Greetings King o' the lurkers...

Wow! that is a while!!
Well you're home now Jason, welcome...I say you owe us multitudes o q-vue......when ya startin?? biggrin.gif J/K Glad to finally have ya!!
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Welcome Jason...Like bbqg said WOWicon_exclaim.gif Don't know how you could wait so long...Glad you're here
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Welcome to the forum.
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Thanks everyone. I had a user name before that for the life of me I could not remember, or it canceled after not being used, and I have replied to the occasional post, but this was my first time introducing myself.

I do owe you some q-view but sorry the next couple of times I smoke I wont be able to. I am going on a family vacation to Norris Lake in TN next week and taking my smoker along. No Cell or Internet. I have on tap 12 fatties, 9 pounds of wings, and 8 slabs of ribs.
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jason, welcome!!
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Welcome from another Ohioan. Old stomping grounds around Dayton.
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