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My name is Stan , a former Texas resident moved to Ohio. I brought my traditions and knowledge with me and am the family cook/Q'Master and neighborhood smoker. I love parties and do a lot for friends and acquaintences. My equipment consist of an elcheapo Brinkman, an old Brinkman "Red River" offset model and a 2040CC Tejas upright/horiz. woodburner. I am retired(disabled) and plan my days around Smoking. "Flo",my big girl is "the other woman "in my life and the Wife's competition.I've been smoking for 35-40yrs.,have made my own pits a a welder in West Texas and make my own rubs and sauces; I've been said to have a very fine handle on the art.biggrin.gif
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Welcome from Northern Indiana .............
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Stan welcome to SMF I'll look forward to some Qview and maybe some recipes from you. Have fun and happy smoking
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A BIG IOWA WELCOME, Enjoy SMF and all it has to offer
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Welcome to the forum Stan, glad to have you aboard.
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Welcome to smf...I look forward to having another seasoned (pardon the pun) vet on board.....Its fellas like you,Richtee,Lownslow,bbchev( just a few I can remember off the top o my head) and so many others here that help us noobies get it right.
I am an ohio boy transplanted to oklahoma......I can tell ya if there is good q around you'll make plenty of good friends fast in the buckeye state.......Welcome and enjoy
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Welcome to the group, Stan...from the other side of Northern Ohio!!

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Welcome aboard
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QWelcome to the SMF family Stan!
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Wow, great to have a pitmaster aboard the smoking machine.
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Welcome to the forum. Looking forward to sharing tips and tricks.
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Good to have ya. Gee's 35 -40 years; where the heck does the time go.
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Glad to see this experience come aboard close to Meechigan. Welcome to the SMF.
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Greetings From So Cal!
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Welcome to SMF..Sounds like you'll be an asset..glad you joined
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Hia Stan...welcome! from one smart "alec" to another..CHEERS!
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welcome... lots of peeps from the alec family here
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Welcome to the SMF. looks like you'll be able to provide some great input. lookin' forward to your next smoke and Q View too!
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Yatehe',keep in touch ;I am in LOVE with New Mexican foods and Chilies!!!
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Thanks, Mopper for the welcome. Actually the "Aleck" part is a nice version!!!(look at Avatar)
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