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Hello from Iowa!

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My name is Derek. My choice of smoker is Horizon 16 X 32. I about fell over when i found this site! I could not believe all the tips and ideas there were. I look forward to being a member, and hopefully and will be able to give some advise in the future.
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Welcome Derek! I hope yer not near the member here named Walking Dude... he thinks he's good and he'll stop in and SHOW ya how to BBQ. Well...actually...he IS good and if he does- he drinks cheap beer..so all's good!

Welcome to SMF!
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haha ^... welcome IA-Smoke. beware of walking dude.
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Plenty of great advice and wonderful people here.
Lot's of great smoking going on here.
Don't be afraid of Walking Dude...he's a big teddy bear!! biggrin.gif
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Whats up Smoke?? Welcome to the site. I think the Walkin Dude would be a good one to have stoppin by. Try his smoked corn-on-the-cob. Good stuff!!
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Welcome to the forum.

If you ever meet the Dude, tell him he needs new rocks in his smoker. PDT_Armataz_01_18.gif
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Welcome to SMF hope to see some Qview from you soon. There are several good people here from Iowa. Have fun and happy smoking
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Welcome to the forum Derek! Looking forward to your input.
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Welcome Derek. SMF is the place to be for learning the good stuff.
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Welcome aboard. I just joined myself last week. This is a great resource.
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Kewl.....another Iowan!!...WELCOME....Tama area here. Don't mind Walking Dude.....his barq is worse than his bite.....LOL

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Fantastic Another Iwegian,Welcome from Sioux City, enjoy SMF ask questions and watch the help come around, Great people on this site this is my second home next to work
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Welcome from Nevada. Glad ya found us
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Welcome aboard!
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Welcome to smf Derek. Nice to see another Iowan join us.
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Welcome aboard Derek! Lots of good dudes in here from Iowa, even that walkin' one...
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Welcome Derek
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Welcome aboard, glad ta have yas! Derek where yall from? I'm in Mason City, Glad yall could join us! Don't you never mind them razen ya bout WD, he be a good feller, just don't ask him how long it takes ta smoke sumtin! Let us know what yer needs are an somebody on here will get ya an answer!

Good smokes neighbor!

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Thanks everybody! I'm from Slater, right between Ankeny and Ames!
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Welcome Derek, You'll find there is alot of great folks from all over in here. I may have to gather the GATOR NATION to fend off all these HAWKEYES...lol....Don't know how long you been smokin but check out Jeffs 5 Day eCourse...it's free
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