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New Guy from Oregon

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Been looking for a site like this for ages. Glad you guys are around and looking forward to learning (first) and sharing (later :) )
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Hia Creedy! You could share a bit more now! What kind O rig ya running? Much experience at all? Will you buy me a beer if I stop out that way? LOL!

Welcome to SMF! Ya hit the jackpot of smoking knowledge.
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Honestly, My wife and I just bought a house, and I am using this tiny wallmart special with the side smoking compartment, and I have used the crap out of it.

I am going to be putting in a new back patio and will be building a brick smoker as a permanent solution.

I have been smoking, or learning how to smoke for about 3-4 years now, and my focus has mainly been on BBQ sauce, and rubs... (culinary background), and now I am just applying it to my own meat and going from there.

As far as drinks are concerned, I am a Vodka purist, but I would be more then happy to buy ya a 12'r if you run by!
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welcome to the forum, cant wait to share some smokes..even if from the lil wallhy smoker!!!!!!!!!!!
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Welcome to THE site Creeeeeeeedy! Glad you're here. Qview-Qview-Qview
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Howdy Neighbor! biggrin.gif
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Welcome to the forum.
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Welcome Creedy..You can learn a lot around here
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Welcome Creedy!!
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welcome... looking forward to seeing your progress
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Welcome Creedy.
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Welcome to the forum.
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Creedy- welcome to the forum!! I'm in Hillsboro so I'll blow some smoke your way!!

This is a fabulous resource so dig in and get started!! Any place that has a food called Atomic Buffalo Turds has gotten to be taken seriously!!!

Happy smokin'
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My Brother to the North!

Welcome Creedy!
Happy smokes...
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Welcome to the smf...............Glad to have you here....................................
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