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Scott, thank you!cool.gif
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never really had the balls to try calf fries but after the qview hushpuppies go with just about all might just have to give em a try
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Looks great but I too don't know if I could quit squirming long enough to eat the calf fries maybe after enough beers biggrin.gif
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never ate beef but Mountain Oysters(hog or for some of us hawg) fried are wonderful.
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All that did is make me hungry. By the way what kind of seasoning do you use? I just run the crackers thruogh the food prosesser and add some pepper.
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That shade tree..

Can I come move there??
I love that dutch oven....the shade tree...hush puppies..MO..and I know there is a crawfish boil in there somewhere for me....PLEASE!!! adopt me!!
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Alright, I'm from the Northeast (Buffalo, NY) what are morels? I figured out the calf fries. The fish looks good, I don't know about the rest though.
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NeHunter, I used a bit of some homemade seasoning I had on hand. I like them rolled in cracker crumbs too.

Bearmoe, morels are wild mushrooms. I gather them in the spring and dry some of them for use the rest of the year...

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You are a truley an amazing gal. PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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That sure looks good, Cowgirl!! Even the RMOs don't skeer me!biggrin.gif (Rocky Mountain Oysters).
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Thank you Ron and Bassman... I appreciate the kind words.wink.gif
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PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif Job well done, but then I have come to expect that from you. great lookin fry up cowgirl.
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Old Habits............:(-

Every time I read one of this Heffier's weekend doin's, I get that old feeling to jump the fenceicon_twisted.gif.

Dang girl, what don't you do? If you have an old man , I'd say he's a Blessed soul.redface.gif

Looks good Jeannie, keep it commingtongue.gif.
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lol.... How in the heck did you find this old post? biggrin.gif

Glad to hear you're not afraid to try a few calf fries. lol They are danged tasty. Thanks for the compliments and thanks for the laugh! biggrin.gif

Jerry, thank you too!!!
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