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Sorry folks...

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I didn't smoke this last weekend.... I fried.
Set up my old cooker and cast iron pot under the shade tree and cooked up a batch of calf fries, catfish & hush puppies and had a cold beer to wash it down.

The calf fries are homegrown (I won't go into detail), I caught the fish on my last camp out.

The fish seasoned and the fries rolled in seasoned cracker crumbs...

Dropped in some hushpuppies....

It was a great evening....

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She smokes...she bakes, she fries, AND she has her own beer coozy!

Umm calf fries? PM me .. I think I may have had those before....
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Thanks Ken....I agree, nice shade tree meal...cool.gif

Thank you Rich, they are mountain oysters.biggrin.gif
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Looks great.........although the mention of the "calf fries" always makes me squirm.
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lol....thanks Joe!
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That all looks great, awesome in fact.....but you know what would make that better don't you.......fried morels. You know there is nothing better than calf fries and morels. They go together like buttermilk and cornbread hahaha.
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Had rooster fries once in Tenn at a bar(they all serve em down thar). Wifey had tried them also. Next morning she said she felt a little "testi".
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Nice job - looks really good. Can't smoke everyday......can ya?
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That ain't her coozie, it's MINE!!biggrin.gif
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WOW...I just noticed my 1000th post is in a thread about mountain oysters!! PDT_Armataz_01_08.gifbiggrin.gif

Don't you just love this place?PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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i'am glad to see you use a dutch oven i like to do crab boils and fry catfish good job
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I think you already know how I feel in regards to "the frys". As usual everything thing looks great. Any room left under that tree?
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There's a small town close by that has a Testicle-Festival around August. Always wanted to go and try 'em...I figure they can't be that bad if there's that many people there, right?
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nothin like fresh fried fish!!!! hush puppies looked great too! the calf fries, well nothing like fresh fish!!!!! lol
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Oh can this get derailed real easy

Very nice. Of course fried food is always good food. Ya thought I was gonna use A B quote didn't ya biggrin.gifwink.gif
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Rooster fries! It would take a lot of roosters to make a meal. I've had turkey fries, but not rooster.

My favorite meal growing up was calf fries and morels. Mom would slice them both thin and dip in milk and flour and fry them in the same pan. If we didn't have calf fries, she'd get some lamb fries from somewhere. That's some good eatin' there...I'll tell you what.
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LOL....some of ya are just too funny.biggrin.gif
Thanks for the kind words and I do have plenty of room under the shade tree for company, you're all welcome here.

fastball, I forgot all about throwing some morels in the pot...and I have a bunch from this spring. I'll have to do that next time.
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Dang I got skunked... a BUNCH ya say? Sigh...
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Sorry Rich...come on down, I'll share.smile.gif
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Great job. Calf fries are always a big hit here at the WR. Excellent meal. You have once again made the rest of us say, Dang. I'm thinking you could start some kind of western (out on the prairie) cuisine franchise.

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