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First Briskett

I could barely waddle in to the 'puter to say THANKS!! I just got up from chowin' down on my first briskett -- the best description I can give is to quote my wife "TO DIE FOR". We decided it ranks up amongst the top of the list of best meats, you know, I'm talkin' 'bout some serious stuff -- prime rib, baby backs, rib eye, pulled pork, that kind of stuff.

I know, I'm gonna catch hell from you guys for no Q, sorry, I'll just have to get with the program.

Quick rundown: I had the local butcher cut a 12.5 pounder in half so I had a 6.25 piece of meat with a nice cap which I cut diagonally as per Jeff's recommendation. It also had lots of nice blubber inside!!! Lots of nice juice. Rubbed it last night, put it on the GOSM at 6:30 this AM, at 11:30 it hit 154 and stayed there for about two hours, then went to 167 at about 3:00 PM, wrapped it and put it back on till 4:30 at 192, then toweled it in cooler till 6:45. Kept the temp around 225 all day. The rest is history!!

All I can say is THANKS to Jeff and all you great folks -- otherwise, I would never have known about this outstanding eatament!!
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Happy Birthday
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Happy birthday...........................
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Happy Birthday hope your having a great day!!!!!!!
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Happy birthday to you.
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