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Happy Birthday Illini

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Happy Birthday ...
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Wow... he's hit the speed limit folks ;{)

Have a great day!
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Happy birthday and may you have many more!
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Happy birthday and hope success follows you!!
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Many Smoky Returns of the Day!

Take care, have fun, and do good!


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Happy B-Day..and many more.
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Happy birthday 'cuz'
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Happy B-day Glen, hope ya get to spend today doing something ya like to do.

Too Hot for running or basketball though! I know, smoking some ribs and having cold brewskis!wink.gif
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happy birthday man!!! have a great day!!!!
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Have a great day! Happy Birthday
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Dan, Thanks for this BUT Illini is another user. I have not seen him around much lately. (but I am having trouble keeping up myself) One of the originals here I believe.
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Happy birthday!icon_smile.gif
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Gene, You collect old tractors?
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Happy, Happy, Happy...

Happy Birthday, Happy Birthday to you cha cha cha!
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Happy Birthdaybiggrin.gif wish you many moreicon_exclaim.gif
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Happy Birthday Illini, hope you have a wonderful day!
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OOPS! soory

Well happy birthday anyways!biggrin.gif
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Golly Gee, Thanks to each and everyone of you!

Have not contributed much for a while as I have been busy with the new smoke kitchen. It is 16'x20' inside with a 6' covered porch on the 20' side. In the process of acquiring a wall furnace and an air conditioner The wiring is no further along than the breaker panel which should be hot in a few days after the power is trenched in. Then a full insulation job and paneling on the inside. Looks like move in will be in september.

Will post pictures when its done so you can all tell me about the mistakes I madeicon_sad.gif

Thanks for the well wishes!
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Happy Birthday, besure ta enjoy yer special day!
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Bunch of us have, just depends on how big yer town is! Happy B-Day Illini!
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