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12 Hours?!?!

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Last night on the FoodNetwork, a FAMOUS BBQ house said they smoke their ribs ( I think they were St. Louis Style spares) for TWELVE HOURS at 240 degrees. How can that be? Didn't see any "foiling" going on either.
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That's just something they tell the camera's to impress people that don't know any better (95% of the Population), and to not tell the other 5% what they're doing (keeping it secret).

Anyone that would smoke ribs for 12 hours, obviously fell asleep (not that I've ever done that).
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ya, un till the guy down the street cooks his ribs on a ECB for 12 hrs and brings some to you to try, hold a straight face for that one. I got one that does that, and another that cooks his over a grill full of hot coals for 2 hrs, i send them to each others house to discuss their fabulas process's.
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HAHAhahahaha, Thats is halarious buzz!icon_smile.gif
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I saw that too. And Guy Fieri actually asked him..."12 hours??"
And the BBQ person said yes, 12 hours at 225.
I was shocked too.
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I'm thinking what Fastball is thinking. I think that's a bunch of crap. I guess they don't want you to know the secret to great ribs that you can do yourself......oops! too late !!!
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I saw it too. It was for Marlowe's near Graceland in Memphis, TN
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Tell them the boiling for 1 hour trick also. Makes good bean soup.
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Liar...Liar..pants on fireicon_evil.gif My dog wouldn't even eat them if I cook um that long...And my dog eats chair cushions..(experience here)icon_sad.gif
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Nick I saw that episode also and was like " there is now way?"

Those ribs really didn't look to great either!!!
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that wouldnt even be classified as jerky, but you could probably use them in your firebox
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Didn't see the show but don't buy the 12 hrs either. However on the foiling front I think it would be very difficult to foil ribs in a commercial operation. All I've seen don't and many backyarders don't either.
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