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FYI, I purchased a cheapie oven thermometer, laid it on the middle rack (the rack near what I think is the temp sensor for the thermostat on my Masterbuilt), and checked against the MES's readout. Once the temp stabilized at 225*, the on-rack oven thermometer read about 224*. I think that's close enough for now. (Still scratching my head over my game hen taking 6 hours to be done).

Today, I intend to smoke my first rack o' ribs, using mustard coating, then a rub. Is it possible/aviseable to use my digital thermometer probe for the ribs? Seems it'd be hard to stick in the probe since its only baby backs, not super meaty. If I use the probe, at what temp should I call it done?

Thanks for all your help to this newbie. You folks are great!

P.S.: Cheyenne Frontier Days, the largest outdoor rodeo, starts today. Anyone gonna be in town for that?