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smokin first loin

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hey all,......done brisket,done ribs,done a few today off and thought I would try my hand at pork loin.......just to be sure, about what int.temp should that dude come off the smoke at?........I promise I'llget some q-view for ya'll
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If ya ain't skeered... 145°. It's a bit pink, but juicy. Actually, I have not noticed MUCH difference going to 155°. Remember you'll prolly still get another 5° or so on resting, and I recommend ya foil and cooler rest or wrap in a big towel like an hour...really helps all the juice that's gonna get sucked back inside.
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I usually pull mine at 150º internal, much higher and they start to dry out. Make sure you add some bacon around the loin or spritz with a marinade as it smokes. PDT_Armataz_01_28.gif
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Hey Flash and Rich,
Thanx guys, preciate the input..........I rubbed the loin and wrapped it in bacon, gonna use oak and apple for the smoke.....get the q-view out when she's done
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Perfect! Don't forget the mop! Check out the last stuffed loin I did...really liked the surface flavor the mop imparted.
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You didn't use that old floor mop on your food again, did ya Rich PDT_Armataz_01_07.gif
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Well..uhhh.. ummm... hey it was a BIG loin!
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I pull mine at 150* Don't forget the q-view biggrin.gif
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