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Howdy from S. Florida

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My name is Rob and although, Im new to here, Im not new to grilling and am always learning new smoking tips.

I have 2 grills

1 regular ole Weber 22 inch one touch charcoal

and my pride and joy grill,

1 Kenmore (model 141.16306) 6 burner (no side burner) gas grill that has a whopping 1024 square inches of cooking surface all with a nice 72,000 BTU rating - all for $279 at my local Sears.

I also have a ECB that I bought at Wallyworld for 28 bucks that I have gotten pretty good at using. I did a 6 lb Brisket last weekend and it turned out awesome

I haven't done the drill mod on the coal pan yet because Im just lazy like that and have been able to keep the temp gauge right in the middle of ideal just by constantly adding a charcoal/chunk wood mix and stoking the fire. However I detest that sorry excuse for a door in the front as IMO its a poor design from Brinkmann.

So anyhow, against my better judgement and going against some of the threads Ive read about it. Im going to be buying the Brinkmann Square Vertical smoker they have at Home Depot for 59 bucks. On the same day I get it I also plan on buying the square grill wok to use as a modded charcoal pan.

I would love to get a Weber box smoker but I dont have the extra money to spend on one so that option isnt viable yet.

So anyhow, Im waving 4 fingers and a thumb to all here.
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Rob welcome to SMF, You will find some mighty fine folks here to assist you on the journey into smoke addiction. Ask any question and someone will have an answer. so hang on and enjoy the ride
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Welcome to the forum.
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Glad to have you. I smoke from that same brinkmann you plan to get with a square wok pan. I have been turning out some good q with it and have few complaints.
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Welcome to SMF from another Floridian you'll find lots of great info and recipes here. Have fun and happy smoking
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Welcome rob, lot of good learing here.
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Welcome aboard from a North Floridian. Being from South Florida, I would hope you fish some too.
Got me an old Brinkman ECB, over 30 years old now. Turns out some great Q.

But like you, I also went with a Vertical Box style and got a GOSM for easier access. I did find in using them both, that the ECB reaches higher temps. That surprise me. Make sure you check temp guages as I found my Brinkman off by 65º. LOL, I guess that might be expected after 30+ years. biggrin.gif
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Welcome to the forum..Great place...Great people you'll enjoy i know I have
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Welcome to SMF! Yeah, the Brinkmann has it's drawbacks, but for the money, and a little extra PITA factor, it's a beaut. Have not seen the new vert yet. Post your impressions!
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Welcome to the forum from Tampa Bay!
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Wow Flash, that thing has some miles on it!! If you put them all on it, I'm sure you can Que with the best of them.
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Wow man, you live where I want to move!!! Me and my wife are looking at the Levy - Dixie - Gilchrist area to get out of the rat race down here.

I liked the outskirts of Chiefland because it has what I want. Enough land to breath on without going broke.

I showed my wife your smoker and she loled!
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Thanks everyone, Im looking forward to having lots of fun here.
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Welcome to the forum Rob
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welcome to the SMF. lots of good down home folk hereicon_smile.gif
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Welcome aboard................Great place here...................
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Welcome BIG ROB. Cool place here.
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welcome from tamarac Big Rob!! this site is a wealth of knowledge!
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