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Looking for a GOSM Cover

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The title says it all. I would prefer something made out of a cloth tarp material not vinyl/plastic. I have been looking around locally but no one has one the right size. I tried to do some googling and searches here but no luck.
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Check out Amazon. I got my GOSM branded cover there. Think it was about $20.

Edit - yep here they are...


Medium -

I've got the wide body version from WalMart and the large fits it perfectly. For being made of Vinyl it's nice and thick and soft. I was pretty surprised with how nice it is.
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i checked the customer report on link above and it is made of vinyl, but says hi quality vinyl. i just had my boat cover repaired and if you are indeed looking to go canvas, pick up a tarp at fleet store and you got to have an upholstery shop in vicinity that does work on boat covers etc, take them the canvas and dimensions, dont forget to allow for handles etc. and he should be able to sew one up pretty reasonable. some may even have canvas in stock, they do up here cause lots of it sold for portable fish houses. i dont think you beat that $20.00 price though.
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I have the large cover for my Big Block. It is a nice cover but it just barely fits over so it seems to stretch a bit every time I use it. I'm not sure how long it will last but it certainly protects from the elements.
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You can try here.
If you cannot find anything, and there is a place that makes boat covers close to you, they may be able to make you one.
Just something to ponder on.
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Thanks for the replies guys. Since the vinyl one is so cheap on amazon Ill give it a go. If it is destroyed after this winter I will see about getting a custom one made.
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I bought this one. It's pretty heavy duty
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Big Block cover

I purchased the same cover for my big block and received it yesterday. The wife found it on Amazon for $20 and she added a couple other small things and got free shipping. It fits over the big block quite nicely...
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I know you have a GOSM, however, smoke vault makes a cover for their 24" that is canvas, I got it for my vault, very nice cover, has bungee time hooks at the bottom to hold it one, it's fitted for the vault but should work just fine with you GOSM.

It is a bit more expensive though.
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Okay? What's a bit more expensive and how does one find one of these Smoke Vault covers? While I have a covered porch mine is on it would still be nice to have a cover to keep the road grime and dust off. I do have a shop close by that make canvas boat covers but I have no objection to doing a bit of comparison shopping.

rob989_69 - if you wouldn't mind sharing the details I'd appreciate it.
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Came across this site recently:

The Cover Store
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I still haven't bought my cover yet. Of course we have had heavy rains the last 2 weeks and I should have one.

I looked into the Smoke Vault covers

I think the 18" should work perfectly for a GOSM regular.
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