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Some Sockeye today

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'Tis the season! A customer of mine supplied these nice fresh wild caught Sockeye fillets for the Mad Hunky treatment. I get to keep one :{)

Will update as progress is made.

Here they are now, "pellicle-izing" They are cured with Morton's TQ for 12 hours, and dusted with CBP and onion powder.
As usual, click on pic for better/bigger image.

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man I bet those will be great. Were they cought in Michigan? I've been salmon fishing up there many times but have never seen sockeye.
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Lookin' good, Rich! Did you rinse/soak off some of the TQ or leave it straight? I haven't tried the TQ on fish.
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Looks good rich, I'll have to get some pointers from you on salmon smoke. I will be going on a salmon fishing trip this year and I want to try smoking whatever I catch.
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No problem. They are sitting in apple smoke now, right around 190°. Just brushed them with a weak brown sugar/lemon juice/water mop.
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Lookinf good Rich..Love smoked salmonicon_smile.gif
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salmon and brwn sugar . mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!!!!! it gonna be great!!!
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Looks like a great start and I'll be waiting for the great finish
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Lookin good there buddy. Lookin forward to the finish!

Twistertail, we don't have Sockeyes in Michigan. I wish we did !wink.gif
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Didnt think you had them up there. I've caught kings, coho and even a few pinks up there. Do sockeye taste better than the others? Lake trout is my favorite, they are awsome smoked or fresh.
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How'd they turn out? Looks great so far. Another for the 'list'.
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Well, they be done, and darn good! Annoying protien build-up on the surface, I left them alone in the smoker for a couple hours and din't mop like I should have, which removes this. Ah well, no effect on flavor. Sockeye is the BEST there is in Salmon!

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No, these were bought from a store, fresh wild caught. My bet is Alaska or somewhere way N of here..
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Nice looking fish, love smoked salmon icon_smile.gif.
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I am drooling. I have a buddy who is headed up to Alaska later this summer and is going to send me some silvers. Can't wait to smoke them up.

As for the protein deal, as far as I'm concerend, it's how things taste, looking good is just a bonus. Nice job PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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If those taste as good as they look, they're gone by now. Great job Rich.
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looks great rich

sockeye are the best eating salmon there is we catch a few here in washington looks like you did a great job of smoking them
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nice Ritch.PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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If any of you guys can get your hands on the Chum Salmon, get it and smoke that up. It has a higher oil content than sokeyes, and in my opinion, smoke up real nice
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Another great job by the Hunky. Send some over here.
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