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Smoking in IN

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Hi folks....

New to your site and looking forward to using some of the info I have already found here. Great forum with so many interesting ideas.

Have always made do with a little Brinkman charcoal smoker and gas grill but I remembered seeing something at Wal-Mart...

Picked up one of these today:

Great Outdoors Smoky Mountain 3405BGW

Season clearance, on sale for $120

Wal-Mart also had a few of these:

Great Outdoors Smoky Mountain 3405GW

Also on sale at $80

May or may not be in stock at your Wal-Mart. icon_frown.gif

Seem like good buys to me, yes I understand a few modifications will be in order. Used to that since I'm a Jeeper. icon_cool.gif

Let me just thank Kelly (a fellow Jeeper) for sending me a link to this site.

Avon Indiana
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Welcome Dale. When you get it going show us a little q-view. Thanks.
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Welcome to SMF from Evansville. Glad to have you here. Once you fire that up, be sure to post some Qview to share with all of us.
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Dale..my favorite name...

Ok well I am also a Kelly and a jeeper...but I don't think we have met yet!
Nice to meet you Dale..I am gonna apologize in advance if I inadverntley type "Dale Jr" instead of just Dale!! hee-hee!
Seriously, welcome to the greatest smoking site on the planet!!
Congrats on your new toy! Happy smokes...and don't forget the Q-VUE!!
no pix...it didn't happen!! biggrin.gif
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Welcome Dale!!! Good luck!!
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I'm good with pics, not so much taking them but have some experience putting them up.

As for Jeeping... I should have an avatar and sig link now... Never know where you will find a Jeeper. icon_lol.gif

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Welcome!!! Post some QVIEWS!
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welcome to the site you will learn so much here, I have the same unit you have and your gonna love it,, you can trust me cause when your jeep gets stuck i'll pull you out with my land rover,,, just kiddin, just throwin gas on the fire.

seriously, welcome, you will be turnin out great q in no time at allPDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Well the Toyota guys are often fun. icon_wink.gif

Why not Land Rovers too? biggrin.gif

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Glad you found us at the SMF. Lookin' forward to your next smoke and Q View too!
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Welcome to SMF. This is THE place to be.
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Welcome Dale :)
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Hey Dale,

Another Hoosier here just wanting to welcome you to SMF. I have the very same grills/smokers that you have and in the same order. I think you will come to love the GOSM but I still go back to my ECB quite often. Just something about the whole cooking process being done with coal.....MMMMmmm. You cant beat the consistency and convienece of the GOSM and all the room ( I am asuming you got the wider one, Big Block). I find that using large chucks of wood works better for me than soaked chips. I am not even soaking the chucks at all any more and having grat results. Dont forget to season your new smoker. I found a very nice, high quality cover for the GOSM at Gander Mountain for $30. Just a little FYI.

Hope to hear about and see your next smoke!

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Welcome aboard.............Glad to have you here...............
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Welcome, Glad to have another Indiana person on here.
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Great to hear from another IN guy.

Welcome to the SMF!

Selling Blues Man
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Welcome Dale.
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Welcome, Dale. Cool screen name. (not a jeep guy just used to work on the liberty headlamps back when it came out)
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Wow that's way more posts than I expected for a new guy post.

Thanks for each and every one.

Seasoned the new GOSM today....

Thinking of doing some Baby Backs, maybe with some Spare Ribs this weekend as a first smoke.

Will post it up if it happens as planned.

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Well by Friday night I just couldn't wait any longer. New thermometer came on Thursday, the GOSM had been seasoned, there were things in the fridge... So I smoked a Fattie, all in the spirit of testing out the new smoker mind you. icon_smile.gif

Great Fattie, just some cheese, Cheedar and Pepper Jack. I didn't share (shame on me) and it was good reheated. icon_surprised.gif Sorry didn't take any pictures (no QView).

Then Saturday I set out to test the GOSM a bit more extensively....

Two racks of Baby Back and two chunks of Country Style Ribs. Naked Rib Rub on them all.

Good eating. biggrin.gif

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