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Did I cheat

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Well I made it through the all night smoke.....And thanx for all the input guys it is greatly appreciated....AS ALWAYS. Well I managed to fight the rain for nine hrs but couldnt take it any more(by this time it was 4:30 in the mornin)....I finally pulled it and wrapped it and put it in a 220 oven for another 5 hrs..........Gotta say turned out to be one of the best I have done so far BUT,....................Did I cheat?
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I wouldnt call it cheating. It more like improvising, adapting and overcoming the rain. I have had to do that acouple of times myself. Asong as it tastes good is all that matters

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Did I cheat ?

Not unless you consider cheating us outta qview , cheating PDT_Armataz_01_05.gif
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When it comes to smoking something on the pit, I'm a die hard. But more than once I've had weather cause me to have to finish off something in the oven. Nope... like someone else said, "improvise".
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Nope, not cheating.
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At the risk of offending Fatback! Is chopping veggies in a food processor, or smoothing out a dry rub in a blender cheating? To my mind, closer to cheating is a smoker that don't need tending ;{)
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That's funny. I second Rich!
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Well if your a cheater so am I because I do it all the time rain or not but I set the oven at 250* after its foiled the meat doesn't know if its in the oven or the smoker
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HEY now! I guess I cheat everytime I use my MES.wink.gif Actually I always tend my MES, it's not THAT auto pilot! You still have to add wood, watch temps ETC. As far as the oven, the meat don't know, care, where it is as long as it finishes to perfection. Just Joe does.icon_wink.gif
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Guess I plan on cheating on everything I make because once it's in the foil, it's out of the smoker and into the oven. I don't see the point in burning coal if I don't have too.

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I confess , I cheat too. Usually I get my meat at the market or butcher rather than slaughter and butcher it myself !biggrin.gif ( o.k. I know sum a ya do ! ) but in the burbs of cali not likely !
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