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Rolling advertisement.

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What do you think??

By imn88fan
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I have to go with that as well.
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Sorry, fixed it...PDT_Armataz_01_05.gif
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Looks good Bubba! Great way to get the word out.PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Those are owned by us, got 8 now.
Picked em up at Restaurant Depot for a good deal.
Sams may also carry them.wink.gif
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I just saw some chafing things at Sam's I think they were 75 bucks, nice ones.
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Hey Ken, I bought some el Cheapos from Gordon Food Service for around $20. They are not fancy, just some wire racks to hold the Sterno, and full size disposable aluminum pans for water w/ Half pans for the food. I only use them every now and then for picnics, but the racks nest in each other and the pans fit well in the trash can.wink.gif They seem to hold up well, as I usually put out about 10 lbs of beans out in one of the full trays at a time. The $20 was for 3 sets w/ 6 sternos.
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Nice job on the graphics Bubba. I like the website too, keep us up to date as to when you get the sauces and rubs listed.
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Thank-you! biggrin.gif

Both will be available soon. wink.gif
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Looks great I like it!!
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Love it!

I think it is great, nice graphics easy to read, and still unique.
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