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i'm all in

sounds like a way for this newbie to compete with yall & keep my pride intact. lol
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Missed this question earlier sorry!

nope! no limit, Im thinking if you went to big you it break apart...No limit this time around!!
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What Is A Fattie?

Ok I think we all agree that what makes a fattie is the way it is rolled and twisted...with that said, if you can grind it, stuff it, roll it like a fattie and it stays together anything is game. You want to grind up some tofu and stuff, roll, twist and smoke it, do it!
Everyone out there has a great creative cooking genius in them, lets think outside of the box and have some fun. If you grind up the tofu and it falls apart in the middle of your smoke and you have to toss it into tin foil and continue, let us all know...we want to know!
I know lots of you make your own sauage, fair game for sure, just list in the ingredients that it is "homemade Italian sausage" or "chicken apple sauage" I personally feel you should get extra props for making your own sausage...that rocks...
remember we are in this to have fun, be creative and learn from each really is a win win situation.

Thank you all for the great response, let have some fun..
See you all Friday night!
BTW you can start posting on the entry thread as early as you want...

thx again,
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and just to clarify, you just need a list of ingredients and not a recipe? cause ummmmm.....i rarely use recipes....i just add stuff till it looks and smells like i want it....just the way i was taught to cook things like this by my mom and grandmother.....i can give yah a list of what i use and maybe rough amounts but if whats wanted is 1.3 pounds of this 1/4 teaspoon of that....well other than for a few baked goods i dont keep track of that....drives my wife nuts that i can do this as she needs an exact recipe and step by step instructions to come up with something edible and i can make something from scratch from an idea and have it taste wonderful.....torques off my mother in law to no end that even after watching me make my chicken and wild rice casserole twice and asking questions and taking notes she cant duplicate it.....not sure why? maybe because she treats her notes as a recipe and isnt paying attention to how it looks and smells when mixing it up?
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I hear ya rattler, my wife and I both have that talent... if you want to call it that
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Just a SWAG rattler , but it sounds to me that " homemade sausage " should be called that and mayby the critter it was made from. Just the basics , nobodys looking for an exact "recipie" like for baking and such , this ain't no Betty Crocker website PDT_Armataz_01_18.gif
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this also ain't no sippin' tea...
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Let's not get too wrapped up in the "rules."

List it.
Roll it.
Smoke it.
Shoot it.
Post it.
Eat it.

(My wife and three kids have been brainstorming and shopping all week while I'm at work. They have props ready for the final shots! This is going to be a blast!)
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See You Get It!! Huzzah For Bw!!

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I will be doing one

I will be doing one, I won't list my fattie or have pictures until tomorrow or Sunday morning, depending on when I smoke it,
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I'm soooooooo in on this.
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