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Todays Smoke - Page 2

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Final Q-view

Here are the final pics of todays smoke



Well when i cut the brisket the slices are nice and moist.

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everything looks real great mickPDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Nice job!!!
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Great job! I have to tell you I had one hell of a time trying to turn my 13# this weekend, I did not have cabana boy to help cuz it was so late when I started he was asleep. I also did not trim the fat because that gets me a good grease fire going for my sear...just my .02....
Yours looks great!! I took about 2lbs of mine (pulled) to work today and everyone was raving! I prefer pulled to sliced...that fattie is beautiful...are you joining us next weekend in the throwdown?
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I am thinking about it but still not up to par with making them
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Mick it looks awesome and congrats on a fine looking fatty too!!!!
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