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Todays Smoke

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Well on my day off i decided to smoke the 13lb brisket

How ready to trim

and again

Now it resting with rub onit and injected with Tony Chachere creole seasoning

Now I decided to try a fattie again and al i put in this was moz cheese and pepperoni

Yay it didnt end up NASA certified

More pics to follow when i have ABT's made. Anyone coming for lunch...tomorrow?

Ok just updated it with pics of searing. I Must tell you it was a pain trying to turn this sucker over.

Now its ready for the smoker.
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LOL. What time is lunch?

Nice job Mick, looking forward to seeing the results.
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Heh! Well, the fatty'll be done for dinner at least!

No sear on the brisket eh? Well, it'll still be good, but I DO think the sear adds a dimention to the flavor not attainable without.

Don't forget to update us!
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hoping round noonish tomorrow. Getting ready to go out and start the coals now.
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i may go dump aload of charcoal on my small grill and do the sear thing.
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If I left now, I could almost drive there for dinner tomorrow. Probably shouldn't though, but the looks of that hunk of meat makes me want to! Lookin froward to the rest of the in-progress pics!
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Come on!!Well got the lump in the chimney started. Not sure if i will do the ABT's as I have the fattie to keep me going.
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Looks great Mick! Heck if I leave now, I'll beat Seboke there.biggrin.gif
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Well as of now and going by the temps i have in brisket internal temp at the moment is 82 and fattie is at 140
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Dang brother that looks good ! What time are we haveing lunchPDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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I am tempted now to even make dutchs baked beans since fattie will be done and free up a shelf in the box
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that looks really good.!!!

i have a couple questions for ya.

1.. why do you sear the brisket before smoking it.? and did you trim it at all or did you just cook as is.?

2.. making the fatty, is that just ground sausage that you stuffed with cheese and rolled back together.? does it hold up pretty good when you do that.?
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I trimmed the fat off it til i had about 1/4 inch or so. I have heard good and not so good stuff about searing it so I thought I would try it for myself. Normally i just smoke it as is with no sear.

The fattie i made is a 1lb of jimmy dean breakfast sausage rolled out flat then whatever inside the rolled up. This is my first fattie that made it to completion and it holding up great so far.
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Added more pics

I have just turned the brisket over and spritzed it with AJ and CM

and again

Temp is at 101
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Good job AussieMick. Looking good.
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Well the fattie is done and it started coming apart where I hadnt got it sealed right. But still happy since it didnt end up nasa certified.

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so you just roll it up and push it together huh.?

don't use anything to hold it?
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When I made mine I just rolled it up and it held together ok. I didnt use anything to hold the fattie i made together, but then it started coming apart at the join.
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Well I just wrapped it in foil and temps are round 170, still hasnt plateau'd
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Looks great so far. Hopefully you'll have a smooth ride to the finish line.
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