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Smoking a Texas Broil?

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Hi all...hope everyone had a great weekend regardless of what you were doing.

I mentioned to my misses this weekend when she went to the grocery store to keep a eye out for some possible future smokes. Buy it on sale I said. She did great finding the usual meats. One I'm not so familiar with is a Texas Broil.

If any of you have experience smoking this cut referred to as a Texas Broil, I would certainly welcome some tips on whether I should sear and then smoke it. Let me hear how you all have done this cut in the past. I plan on smoking this Thursday.

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Keith, would it be a london broil? Just curious, haven't heard one called a Texas broil before.
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Looks to be some sort of chuck shoulder (thank google)
post #4 of 8 bout a pic of that bad boy?
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Cowgirl, The misses was actually looking for a London Broil, Couldn't find one so she bought the Texas Broil. She did say a London Broil is usually a smaller cut of meat. You bring up a good point....maybe a Texas Broil is the same cut only larger or thicker; hence the word Texas, because everything is said to be bigger in Texas. Thanks.

Thanks DownstateSmoker for the google link. Don't know why I didn't think of that. It was helpful.

Walking Dude, I know you'll want to see the after pic's...did you want to see a before pic of the label?

How bout the process of preparing and smoking this chunk of beef?...anyone?
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keith, that was why i wanted to see the pic of the meat. We would have a better idea on how to proceed to tell YOU how to proceed.......hehee
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Walking Dude, It might be in the freezer now. At any rate I'll check this evening when I get home. If its frozen I'll take a pic Wednesday and post it. Thanks again.
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Thread Starter is what I have. A piece of beef call " Beef Chuck Shoulder" the notice on the label says "Texas Broil". Not sure what the Texas Broil means. Is that a way of preparing or cooking the meat? I'm told by a very good source (misses) that this is a tough cut of meat, My question remains how should I prepare and smoke this cut. If you have experience smoking this cut plse feel free to pass on any tips. Thnx

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