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sats cook

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did 16 boston butts100_2041.JPG100_2037.JPG100_2034.JPG
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16 butts!! Amazing Ron! Looks wonderful.PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Good effort!! Who'd you get to pull all that pork? Makes my fingers tired just thinking about it!
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16 butts????? Wow! What was the occasion? How'd they turn out? We're nosey and need more info and q-view.
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16 Butts? Good thing they were small ;{)

Man that's ALOT - O - MEAT!
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Looks good ... WOW 16 butts ... icon_exclaim.gif
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16 Butts!! Makes me tired just thinking about it....and Hungry!
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Wow Ron, The posse must have eaten well. Nice job.
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