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My Brisket & Pastrami.. Qview

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Ok, after reading some stuff on the forums here i got to thinking.. Maybe i should fire the smoker up again.

Bought a corned beef brisket to make pastrami, and i bought a regular brisket to make..... brisket. :)

After reading WalkingDude's tutorial on pastrami i thought i'd give it a go.

I soaked it since about 1 pm yesterday changing the water every 2 hours or so. Its only about 2# so i wouldn't think it would take more than that. But, anyway. After i was done, i put some onion powder on the fat side, and then i put CBP some more onion powder, coriander, and some fenal.

My brisket i made a rub out of: Brown sugar, paprika, garlic salt, onion powder, and this cajun stuff i picked up. wrapped that up and let it sit over night. I just fired up the smoker a little bit ago, to get it good and ready.. here is the before pics..



I had a few too many beers last night while grilling.. icon_redface.gif but, i might just have to take a little hair of the dog. icon_smile.gif
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Looks great! Keep us posted....on the hair of the dog, I mean!! LOL
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Pastrami Is Done...

Pastrami is done.. and it tastes awesome.!!

here are my finished pics.

its damn near perfect.!!! its only a hair saltier than i wanted. maybe even half a hair. :) next time i'll let it soak a little longer. but, when i made my first cut i was sure it wasn't gonna turn out nice and pink. but, it did and its so tender. the brisket is still cooking but, i just covered it in this apricot bourbon sauce by jack daniels.. probably another hour or more and it will be done too.
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Looks good bud and just remember "its only a drinking benge if you you stop !" words to live by biggrin.gif
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Well done, Tbone.
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ok, the brisket is done too.. that turned out very well.!!

and here it is all cut up and ready to eat.!!

tastes great.!! i'm glad i put that brown sugar and cajun rub on it. its got a really good sweet bite to it with a bit of zing also.
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Congrats, looks like it turned out well. Great job.
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Nice job there.
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that really looks good .both of them are on my list of to do'sPDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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great looking pics-glad it all went well!
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hee-hee, what he said!!

oh yea!! the pastrami looks great, it is on my bucket list!
That brisket looks mighty yummy too, did ya sear it first, I was just wondering??
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no i didn't sear it.. i read a little about that though and i guess i didn't see that many people that where doing it. and more people not doing it said it doesn't seem to matter that much.

i may give it a shot though sometime just to see for myself.
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looks great, thks for the qview!!!!!! so did the hair take care of the bite???
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