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mid afternoon butt

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Well I decided to try doing a butt during the day and stay up a little late versus getting up at the butt crack of dawn, do'nt know how it'll work out but figured it was worth a shot, I decided to do an injection on this one, so I took about 3/4 a cup of white grape/peach juice and disolved about 3 toblespoons of jeffs rub in it and about 3 tablespoons of paprika in it, I know it did'nt all disolve but , i tried. Then coated it in mustard and jeffs rub. Gonna use hickory, and the white grape/ peach juice as spritz.

here are some pics of the start.

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Sweet! I wish I was at home smoking. I might have to try an "injected" butt for something different. Looking fwd to the end results.

Have fun and drink a beer for us office dwellers. lol.
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Sounds like a great Idea....Lookn' forward to the results show.
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When you said a "mid afternoon butt" I was thinking of something else but the pork looks great too! Keep us posted on how it comes out.
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It sure sounds good Krusher, good luck with the
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At it again, huh Krusher?? You go boy!! Looks great
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And here I sit in a cubicle..... Looks like a great start!
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here it it at 140, got some good bark on it,, whats up seboke ,,? I thought you joined the ranks of the retired??

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Looking good Krusher..I may be up late enough to see end reuslts..which I'm sure will be great
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Give us some q-view. Thank you.
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HERE YA GO WAYSIDE,, just foiled it,, one question. Reheating?? any suggestions, figured I'd go ahead and pull it and put it in a pan and foil it then tommorrow throw it in the oven on warm until it time to eat, we are''nt going to eat it until dinner tommorow.

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Krusher, it looks great!!PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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I did, but military retirement ain't a living by any means!
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Fantastic butt!! how did the injection work..the white grape peach juice is a great idea...I love it..its going on the bucket list!
Thanks for the inspiration!!

Seboke - that's just wrong! and I am sorry for that. If I could tell them where to spend my tax dollars, you and the rest of our armed forces would retire in luxury and I am pretty sure most of us feel that way!
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alright everybody's in bed but me and I got greasy fingers.. thats some good eats, the juice gave it a very nice flavor on the bark, as well as the injection. I am gonna have to do this again, and again, and..well,,you know




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so if you do a butt in the afternoon it is called a nooner! Looks good doing a butt this weekend for the wifes side of the family. This will be my second time doing one.
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That looks great. I can taste it here. Yummy.
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