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New guy from Vegas!!

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biggrin.gif New guy from Vegas. Ive lived here my whole life and have been a fireman for 6 years now and I love to smoke. I have been using an older char griller but just recently aquired (for free) a BSKD. The previous owner had no patients and just gave it to me. Ive already researched a bunch of mods Im doing tomarrow to make this thing work like never before. My goals are to someday compete and maybe have my own BBQ stand somewhere when I retire. Thanks for all the help Im sure I will need in the upcoming months and years.
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Welcome. You will enjoy it here. Lots of nice folks.
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Welcome. It's all here. Just search for whatever your intersted in.

Good luck!!!
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Welcome to SMF. This is THE place to be.
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Welcome to SMF! Glad you joined us!

Take care, have fun, and do good!


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Welcome Bowhunter. Glad your here. This is a good place to learn new tricks.
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Howdy Sincity! A fireman that likes controlled smoke I presume? Glad you founds us!
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Welcome to the SMF!!
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Thanks for all the love. You guys rock.
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U found the right place......I my self joined not to long ago.......The amount of love and information here is never ending.....I just liked to smoke before I came here......Now I cant quit.....I am sure there is a support group some where.....Hope they dont find me!.............LOL
Good luck and welcome...........may I mention(as a son of a fire chief),.....Thanks for all u do
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Welcome aboard mate. LOtsa friendly folk here. Drop by the chat sometime also.

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welcome brother!!! you found a great site... lots of great folks here.. Enjoy!!
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My big bro is a fireman, been on the job 30+ years! He is a smoker too, I have not gotten him hooked here yet...soon, soon!
You guys rock!! There is always something new to learn in here, and if you have a question there is always friendly help!
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Glad you're part of the SMF. You'll find plenty of ideas for mods and smokin' too!
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Welcome to the smf...............Glad you found us...............
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