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plum wood??

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My father in law and myself cut up some fresh wild cherry and plum chunks. has anyone ever used plum before? i'm assuming its a sweet flavor like most fruit woods but not familiar with it at all.
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Never had the opportunity but I bet it would be great.
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i use thunder cloud plum, or so thats what i was told it was,and it has a mild flavor,i can't say it has a better flavor than any other fruit wood i've used,but i will say this ..use it,maybe mix it with something that's not over powering,perhaps oak ? good luck with your choice,if you have any quantity
go with plum only and see what you think,ive done fattys and pork butt's
with only plum,and they were great.

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Ain't tried it yet, an I do say yet! When I finds some I'll be given it a try! Should be very nice on pork, fish an poultry!
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