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Violated Yard Bird

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Or beer butt chicken if you prefer. I usually do these on the Weber Kettle with off set coals but had the GOSM fired up from doing Canadian bacon earlier so bump up the temp to 300o and threw it in.

This is what it looked like 2 hours later. Skin nice and crispy and if you look hard you can see the juices on the cutting board.

Made up a batch of my favorite potato salad. I don't use recipes much so this is the ingredient list.

Cooked diced potatoes
diced red onion
chopped chives
diced red pepper
diced yellow pepper
dill weed
garlic powder
Dijon mustard
sour cream

And dinner is served. Quite tasty! I think I prefer the bird on the Weber though.

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yummy, can hardly wait for my supper to get out of the smoker
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Good looking bird, at least you can say you tried the smoked version and enjoy one over the other. Thanks for the potato salad recipe! I'm not a big mayo fan and if I can use a majority of sour cream and mustard to mayo ratio, it will taste pretty good too!

Unwrapped (on Food Network) just had a special on BBQ and featured the Weber kettle grills used in the Weber restaurants located throughout the midwest. Those are awesome looking grills and after seeing how they were constructed, am sold on getting one at some point!

Thanks for the qvue!
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That does look good! I just got done with my first smoked/grilled chicken quarters. I just watched that Unwrapped too. Proud to say I did my chicken tonight on the Weber
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