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Wife Has Requested

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The wife had requested that I start practicing on Turkey so I can do one for Thanksgiving when the family comes over this year. So suggestions on a good size to start with to get some technique down? Also looking for a target temp on the bird both with fire and finish temp on the bird itself. I do plan on brining, and any suggestions on what you have found that works or doesnt for you personally is much appreciated.
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Here is a thread that might help

Gave me a good idea anyway. Good luck!
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i put mine in a brine overnight then i put butter under the skin by the breast wipe it with evoo and put my garlic salt and lawerys then put it the smoker at 300 degrees i take it out when it hits 165 never had a problem. i used a butterball 14 lbs i dont think i would go much more that that . it took about 4 hrs and really good hickory flavor. good luck
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Smokin'- I love turkeys and I do a lot of them because I love smoked turkey sandwiches for lunch (with a little cream cheese and cranberry sauce w/ berries).

There's a million ways to do them but I always brine overnight in kosher salt, brown sugar and fresh tarragon sprigs and cracked pepper.

Then I inject with a mixture of butter (one cube), honey (1/2 cup), white wine (current fav is Riesling although I used Chardonnay for years, Riesling is sweeter) and a little cinnamon and nutmeg (teaspoon of cinn, 1/2 of nutmeg). Heat up the mixture and inject thoroughly under the skin not through it.

Coat the skin with EVOO and throw 'er in the smoker. I use either a 50/50 hickory/apple mix or all apple. I smoke at 225 until done (5-7 hours?). Time waits for no one right? Make sure to rest it for at least 30 minutes before carving.

This recipe is so popular at our house that the fans won't let me even try anything different. I never do a rub just a good brine and injection. The bird is juicy with wonderful flavors. Bird size doesn't matter except for cooking time. I try to use a 20#, fresh bird with no injections (I hate Butterballs)!! Organic birds are expensive but I don't want someone else's chemicals screwing up my dinner. I'll use an organic if I can't find a fresh, natural. I also buy three or four right after holidays and freeze 'em for mid-year smokin'.

Good luck and Happy Smokin'
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You guys are giving me some good ideas so far. I will have to readjust the acohol thought due to we are expecting our first little one and if I remember correctly acohol evaporates at 170 and sounds like around 165 is where I want the bird to be.

Keep the suggestions coming, I am looking forward to giving these a try. Thought I might start just with a breast to see how that comes out, then go with a full bird next time around.
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On the side bar where it say's smokin turkeys. Is a pretty good place to start. Jeff suggests sticking with about a 12 lb. bird because of the lower than normal cookin temps, so the poultry dose not stay in the danger zone for too long of a time. I would stick with two approx. same size birds 10 to 12 lbs. each.
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Guess it would help to look in the obvious places first.
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first off.........most store bought turkeys are "enhanced"...........solution i always soak mine first over nite..........THEN brine........12 lbers are a ideal weight to start out a search in poultry..........TON"S of info there............

card fan huh........sorry bout your luck..........hehehe.....j/k

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on a side note..........i HAVE done a 18lber, with a 20lber waiting in the freezer for turkey day..........did it for my moms birthday party.......all my family there..........and they are ALL still around kicking.........*sigh*
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Walking Dude said it best. btw I am from Missouri and its hard being a Cub fan here but I do my best
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Since I am in St Louis, any suggestions from those around here or with-in reasonable distance where to get an "organic" bird or one fresh from the farm that would already been cleaned?

Walking Dude...sorry for your last 100 yrs of luck. sorta joking icon_smile.gif
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