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constructing the Porkabellobeef Burger

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Had a dream about putting my three favorite things together. (Pork,Beef, and Portabello mushrooms) The pics show the filling for this stuffed burger consisting of mushrooms, green peppers, and onion. Filling was seasoned with garlic pownder,red pepper, creole season, and seasoned salt. The filing was thickened with roasted tomato paste. Harvarti cheese was placed on top of the filling and the whole thing capped with ground pork. The top of the pork burger was then seasoned with my rub. This is definitely a one burger per person deal. The burgers when grilled went on onion buns slathered with a roasted garlic, chipolte, and mayo sauce i made last night. cool.gif Click thumbs below for larger image.
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my wife is drooling over my shoulder,lol
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Nice, very creative.
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sure looks yumalicious
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I just bought a new Kingsford grill (barrel type) that I am very pleased with. I was wondering what to cook on it this weekend so I came to the smoking meat forums and ......BAM! I think ill try this! Thanks for the post! Those burgers look good!
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Nice job shooter ....... i have tried stuffed burgers a few times but always had a lot of leakage.

Will have to try them again soon after seeing this post.
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Shooter looks like you got it done. Looks great.
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Best of three worlds!!

This sounds awesome!! Gotta try it and will let you know how it comes out.
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It's like a Fattie burger!icon_smile.gif
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