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First Fatties with Q-view

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Well after reading everyone's comments raving about the fatties, I thought I would give 2 a try. They turned out pretty well. Although the thin one was too spicy for the missus, my son and I liked it.

This one is JC Potter regular sausage with Sargento Bistro Blends Chipotle Cheddar and garlic. The cheese transfered all the spiciness to the sausage. Delicious but spicy.

Here it is cut open:

And this one is just JC Potter regular sausage with garlic sprinkled on the outside:
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PDT_Armataz_01_36.gif Bravo my fellow fattie smoker; you do roll a fine fattie if I do say so. Keep up the good smoking and Happy smoke rings from Sedalia, MO.
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Congrats on your first successful fatty smokes! Out of curiosity, what kind of wood did ya use? Am trying to find the smoke ring and it's hard to find. Did the meat have much of a smoky flavor to it?
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Nice job on your first smoke! Congrats!!
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Damn good looking fatties........................
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Good do know those things are addicting?biggrin.gif
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see ya at the next 12 step mtg!
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Oh yeah they are. Simple and delicious. The family loved em. I used apple wood mostly with some hickory added in. biggrin.gif
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WTG.......Looks good........You bein in Yukon and me bein bout 15 mi due east of Tinker,....Evryone in between us are gonna be goin nuts wonderin.........WHATS THAT SMELL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Good job
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Indeed congrats! I was thinking the same thing...electric smoker? But regardless..nice work!
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