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Hot Italian Rope - Bullet Break-in

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Just broke in my generic charcoal bullet (after modding it on Friday) with about 3 lbs. of hot Italian sausage that I got from my mom a few weeks ago. It held pretty consistently between 225 and 250 for about three hours. Pulled the sausage at 165 degrees and let the smoker roll with a few handfuls of peanuts and some fresh jalapenos, just for grins.

Have to wait for dinner to evaluate fully, but the samples were quite tasty.

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That looks great.
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You should use that pic as your avitar. It's sorta hypnotic. Looks good....
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Well, I like those single serving packages.

Just pacing myself. Have another in the freezer. It was really more of a test to see if I can hold temp for the Fatty Throwdown next weekend.
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Alot of the old home made sausage I remember as a kid came this way. They'd just do like a pound and a half or so and drop it in the pan to start cooking. After it firmed up it would be cut to let some of the fat drain and portion out to hunks.
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Great lookin' Q, I'm sure it was a tasty treat.
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Nice job, Buck W.
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