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New smoker w/wild pork

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Heres a pic of my new smoker. 20" oldtimer smoker 1/4 inch steel all welded baffled got it for just over $500 at acadamy. Loading it was the challenge.


Heres a pic of my wild pork shoulder thats in it today. Sorry not more pics yet image shack is bieng a pain in my butt.

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Heres a pic of it on the smoker for about a hour. I trapped this pig just into oklahoma. These pigs have been very tasty.

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Congratulations on the new smoker! You can learn a lot from this place. Lots of info, lots of people willing to give tips.
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I've never eaten wild boar. Is it close to domestic? Good luck with the smoke!
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Jeremy, both your smoker and the pig look great!
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nice lookin unit, hope you have a great smoke keep us posted
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Jeremy, way cool you trapped the hog yourself for slaughter. We here at the WRanch like eating wild game. Great job.
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Nice smoker!! Excellent cut of meat as well. Gotta Love them wild boars.....they are multiplying in this area and becoming about as common as possums....but alot more tasty!
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hey dude, why don't you bring that trailer down here. make sure it's stocked though. that shoulder looks great btw.
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Nice rig...Butt looks good too...It's been years since I've had wild pork.
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Smoked it for eight hours at about 230. Used charcoal oak and hickory. Took it out at 200 degrees. It pulled apart easy right off the smoker. This wild pork is awsome! I have had some big boars that were gamey but this was a young sow. By far the best tasting smoked pork I have ever done. Here is a pic of the final condition.

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The meat looks ALOT darker than the traditional pork shoulder..
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