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Redi check thermometer question

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I just began to use my newly acquired redi check thermometer, it is reading considerably lower than my other 2 both on the smoker temp and the meat temp. There is a 10 degree temp difference on the meat and a 28 degree temp difference on the smoker temp. I did not do the boil test on any of them but my built int smoker temp reads about the same as the other 2 temp gauges I have the redi-check is way off. any Ideas or suggestion
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Right now I have a 50 degree temp difference in the smoker the redi-check is reading 198 and the walmart brand is reading 248. I think my pork butts are gonna be messed up biggrin.gif
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Not sure how to do the boil test. Is a rapid boil or just when it starts to boil?
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Don't want to screw up those butts. I'd do what Ken said right away and do the boil test. Better safe then sorry.
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Thanks Texas-Hunter
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This is probably a dumb *** question but how hot with the water boil. the walmart brand is reading 251* and the redi-check is reading 208* for the smoker probe and 210 for the meat probe, I had to leave the redi-check sumerged for a while while wearing a glove cuase it doesnt register as fast as the walmart brand.

I also checked my thermopen thermometer and it read 210 also. So I am guessing the walmart brand ones are not that good. also should I leave the redi-check instered in the potato it is pretty short I left about an 1 inch and 3/4 exposed.

thanks for the help
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I'd say your Wal-Mart thermo isn't working right. Take it back. I have 4 from wal-Mart and they are all within 2-3* of eachother.
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The redi-check is holding fast at 275 (wasnt paying attention) I checked the thermapen by inserting it down the top vent. it read 325* the guage on the door of the Big block read about 375*

I dont know what the hell my problem is. I am corn fused

THe redi-check sure doenst fluctuate in temperature that much or very fast
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first off.........tape over your ome thermo in the door. they are VERY unrealiable........and soon as you ever get new thermo, you should do the boiling water check, to make sure........your 2 degree temp diff is no big deal, but 40 degree's is.........your redi-check should of came with a grate need for a tater.........
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THANKS all I will check the box walking dude
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well shut my country mouth, I didnt know what that extra peice was for. No more tater, THANKS all
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your welcome.......LOLOL biggrin.gif
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I just received by new redi-check and it tested

@ 210 on both probes using the boil test. Am I safe is assuming that's close enough for who it's for? I'm new to these new fangled thermo's .

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close enuff for guv-ment be fine
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Ma that was quick!

Thanks a the way has anyone ever cheated and used the chamber probe in a second piece of meat like say a turkey under a brisket?

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thats not cheating..........thats just being smart....=)
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